Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Ben

Story of the delivery and all to come on another post....until then, here he is:

8 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 3/4 inches

Everyone is happy and healthy - just overly tired from our "birth" story.


amanda said...

Ok-he is officially the CUTEST kid, ever!! :) congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!

Congrats Stacy, James, all the family and Aunt Panda Bear :)

(PS I became an aunt last year and I LOVE IT)

PfuzzyHead said...

Yay Big Ben!! Can't wait to hold you tomorrow! ADORABLE!

Buford Betty said...

Congratulations you guys!!! He is beautiful. Can't wait to hear more.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Congratulations!! Baby Ben is beautiful!!

e.m. said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful!!