Friday, December 17, 2010

I Is Alive

that is all. also, we have moved. so, lots of stuff that i should be posting about. i'm lazy. but you knew that, right?

happy holidays.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sigh of Relief

I am still struggling with breaking Ben from his bottle. He only wants it with his milk, and I have given in to his demands. I am ashamed every time we're in public and he demands the bottle. I am annoyed every time my mom nags at me about it. I feel like I am a bad mom when I see all my friends kids' off the bottle and loving sippy cups or real glasses. So you cannot imagine how giddy I became when I ran across this photo...

This is Gwen Stefani with her youngest son, Zuma, at his 2nd birthday party. What's that I spy? A Born Free bottle in little Zuma's hands? Yes! Somehow I feel less like a complete loser knowing that another mother is letting her son enjoy the bottle. It must be something about those Born Free bottle! Ben loves his too. Sure, I know I still need to get him to kick the habit...but I feel a little less ashamed knowing she's waging the same war.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am taking this house selling business to a higher power. Oh yes, I am burying a St. Joseph statue tomorrow! Have you not heard of this little ritual? Just google it, and you'll get tons of sites and sellers. I am burying my little Saint tomorrow and saying my prayer. What can it hurt?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not funny.

(Okay, I've been meaning to post this since this past weekend but flu-like symptoms got in the way! Also, it's late and my brain is half-asleep, so this may be a bit disjointed...)

I cannot tell you how many radio stations I heard this past week making fun of Chelsea Clinton and her upcoming nuptials. I was driving home from a visit home this weekend and listening to one station go on and on, and I was seething. How immature and inconsiderate are people? You are on the radio mocking a young woman that you have never met because maybe you don't agree with her parents political views? Or is it just because it makes you feel like a better person to compare her to a horse? So irritating. This is a girl who was quite awkward looking in her teen years, which she had to live in the public eye, and yet she weathered it all with class. I think she has grown into quite an attractive young woman. But either way, who are you to throw stones? You are a radio dj. You are obviously not attractive enough to have made it on to television, and yet you think you can sit in your booth and play the Mister Ed song. Hilarious. It's like no radio dj ever matured past their 13 year old self. How would you feel if someone, and I'm sure it was dj's all over the nation, was making fun of your daughter on one of the most special days of her life? So disgusting.

I think she looked gorgeous and happy on her wedding day. Congrats!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wishful Thinking

I am in a funk. I had childishly high hopes this week that our open house would result in a miraculous offer and imminent sale. Naive, yes. Reality - one person showed up. This was a person that just happened to drive by and see the signs, and who is looking to rent-to-own (i.e. most likely doesn't have the credit to qualify to buy a house). *SIGH*

I spent all week stressing over the need to clean, declutter and depersonalize our house for our first open house. I scrubbed my hands raw, boxed almost everything up that isn't needed in the foreseeable future, and staged the home as if a rambunctious 21-month old has never lived here (except for the strategically placed toys that scream "this is a cozy house to raise your family in"). I was unable to sleep most nights for the lists running in my head of what still needed to be done. [My Brain: The blinds and windows - they haven't been cleaned since we moved in here. Must clean now. No one will ever buy this house if there are dusty blinds. AAHHH!]

Apparently open houses have gone the way of the dodo. Who knew. I get it, I can see everything I need to see online with pictures and virtual tours. But no one has scheduled a visit to come and see our charming craftsman style bungalow. And our pictures are good, and I know our house is cute. So what now? I know we can drop the price a bit, and I'm sure we will in the next few weeks. Other than that, what's left? It just feels like I will never escape Charlotte. I know I'm being dramatic. It's not like I live in Darfur. But I want out. I can't stand waiting. I think I'm going to research the whole rental route. It can't hurt to look into the costs of a management company and the likelihood of finding a great renter. Right? *sigh*

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do Something Good

According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, domestic violence and sexual assault are pervasive and life-threatening crimes affecting millions of individuals across our nation regardless of age, economic status, race, religion or education. Domestic violence and sexual assault not only severely impact victims but our entire communities and are linked to many other social ills. That’s why The Mommies Network (TMN) will be donating 25 percent of the funds raised from their first Annual National Auction to the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV).

As a member of CharlotteMommies and TriangleMommies, I have donated the gorgeous Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace to the auction! I used to volunteer for a domestic violence and rape crisis group, and have known several women in my friend circle that have been affected by domestic violence. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I urge you to either bid on the items in the auction, or donate something yourself (see info below).

To make this auction a success and bring the greatest benefit to the many women reached by both the NNEDV and TMN they need your support. They are currently seeking donations for the auction which will take place September 5, 2010 – 11, 2010. This online auction will be hosted by MissionFish (a division of eBay) and will be viewable to all 30,000+ of their members as well as the general public. Additionally, a listing of donations will be posted on all of their online sites to encourage their members to participate in the auction and to show their sponsors their appreciation by shopping with their businesses.

Your donation to The Mommies Network National Auction will:

• Benefit the great work of the National Network to End Domestic Violence

• Benefit The Mommies Network and help them to continue to bring encouragement, support, and volunteer opportunities to moms across America

• Benefit your business by putting your product in front of 30,000+ buyers in your target market in addition to countless others who view your auction listing

All auction listings will display a picture of the item being donated along with the logo of the donating business and the business’ website. The auction will be promoted on all of The Mommies Network’s sites, through their blog, and on Facebook, meaning that your donation will guarantee your business outstanding visibility, letting potential customers know that you care about women and mothers everywhere, helping to create loyalty among future customers.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Christine Byrd at Should you choose to donate, please send your donation no later than August 15th to The Mommies Network/ Attn: Christine Byrd/ 2904 Northampton Drive/ Greensboro, NC 27408. Thank you for your support.


Apparently I am a loser and no one wants to participate in my giveaway. Sadness. Since no one shopped, there is no winner. Boo hoo. I'll try again in a few months when summer is over. I am telling myself that people were too busy and broke with summer plans. It's not me, it's them...right??

On a happy note, I just ordered some new line samples for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection and I am drooling! I cannot wait to get my hands on the pieces. So gorgeous! This is my new fave - the Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace. LOVE IT!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spartina 449

A friend of mine had an adorable wallet from a brand I'd never heard of before, but now I am in love with them! Have ya'll heard of Spartina 449 before? I hadn't and I think they're adorable. It's a bit like Vera Bradley, which I like but can only handle in small doses.

I think a cute wallet would be fun - like this one in Island Ferry print.

And I am in love with this large, pocket tote in the Melrose print. I think it would make a great diaper bag too!

So, if you're on the hunt for a new bag, wallet or tote - check them out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We did a photo shoot with APW Photography a couple of weeks ago at the Duke Gardens, and I'm happy to say that Ben was a trooper! Even though we met early in the morning for the shoot, it was still unbelievably hot. Luckily, Noy was able to get some great shots of Ben frolicking through the gardens, feeding ducks, checking out the flowers, and just sweating his pretty little blonde head off! If you live in NC and need some great family photos, please check out their site (now added to my "friends in the biz" section).


The joys of parenting are numerous. Let me share a recent conversation between myself and J regarding our darling son.

From bewildered me to his loving father:
I am not lying when I tell you that I just yakked in my mouth while changing ben's poop. The nastiest, messiest, smelliest diaper ever. Disgusting! It's thrown away and I can still smell it. I may burn the house down.
From his doting father to astonished me:

These are the moments that define our lives- this is indeed your finest hour. As Winston Churchill once said- "Never in the course of our history has so much been done by so few". He was not talking about beating Hitler- it was his vision into the future.... of Ben's poopy diaper. Luv U.
Ah yes, becoming a parent really expands your world. I never knew how much I could discuss my son's poop. I know you're glad I shared.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grown Ups

I just have to take a minute to vent about how immature people can be and how sick I am of it! I am involved in planning a baby shower for my bestie, and I am working with another few of her besties and her sister. The sister and I were meeting tonight to go over all of her wonderful ideas, since she's really creating the vision and we're helping her achieve it. During our discussion, it basically came out that the old HS bestie doesn't want to work with me and other college bestie in the planning process and would prefer to only deal with the sister. Are you f*cking kidding me?! People, we are 30 years old. This is your alleged best friend since high school and you can't bother to email or converse with me about the planning of her first baby shower? Really mature. It is taking all I have not to send her a nasty "grow the hell up" email.

This isn't the first time I've encountered her immature and selfish ways. She pulled the same crap when it came to the wedding showers and bachelorette party. It's not just that she wants to be the leader and center of attention, but it's that she also complains to the mom-to-be about everything. For example, we were originally doing two showers - one hometown/family, one home of the mom/dad-to-be. My friend and I were hosting the home of the mom-to-be, and the sis and HS bestie were hosting the hometown/family shower. Well, HS bestie emails mom-to-be and complains that she "didn't know she was getting stuck with the grandmas" and that she wished she was throwing the fun party. Are you serious? First, why are you complaining? If you are the best friend, do your job and act like it! Second, you live in the hometown. Why wouldn't you be hosting the family party? And you grew up with her family, so why would "being with the grandmas" be so bad?

So this sparked an upheaval and now we are doing one big shower. Honestly, I am fine either way - I am just happy to be participating and be involved in the shower. It's just beyond annoying that HS bestie won't deign to speak to me or the other college bestie, and yet she feels like none of her ideas are being heard. Hello!? How can we hear your ideas if you won't bother to speak with us. Needless to say, I am not to happy about this person and am not looking forward to seeing her at the shower. However I will keep it to myself and keep the mom-to-be out of it! She should be enjoying these last few months of pregnancy and not dealing with useless drama.

So apparently HS bestie spent the weekend with mom-to-be and yet again brought up issues about the shower planning. WTH? On Friday, I sent out the invite preview and she replied through her intermediary (i.e. mom-to-be's sister) that she didn't want her name on the invite. Seriously? And then she grumbles to mom-to-be about this and told her she didn't feel the need to be included on the invite because her sister clearly has the shower planned out and she's just going to be bringing a few dishes of food. So then mom-to-be emails us and is paranoid that her sister isn't working well with us as a team. This is so not an issue and honestly if it was, it's not something that mom-to-be would need to know about anyway. Us college besties know how to work as a team and are not having major issues like this, why can't this chick grow up? Argh!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giveaway, Hooray!

Happy Fourth of July! In honor of the holiday, I wanted to try a little something new and do a giveaway!

I am having an "e-party" for my loyal customers during the next two weeks!! Start your summer off with a bang! Whether you shop our awesome “Summer Style for a Steal” sale or you fancy some of our new shimmering gold and pearl pieces that were just released, find the perfect pieces to compliment your summer wardrobe or amaze your friends with the best birthday gifts ever.

When you place an order, you will be entered to win the hostess rewards (free jewelry!) from this party. Hostess rewards are a % of the trunk show sales, which you can then spend on jewelry of your choice. Plus you’ll receive ½ price items as well!

And don’t forget to shop the new little girl's line, it is precious!!!

To participate in the giveaway, shop between now and July 14th and choose “Sparkles Giveaway” as the trunk show hostess. Each person that shops the trunk show will receive an entry to win. Anyone who shops and then also books a trunk show* for July 2010 will receive a second entry to win (double your chances!).

Please feel free to forward this email or post this to your blogs, twitter or facebook accounts. The more the merrier, and the more rewards to be won!
Have a fun weekend!


Stacy Hawken

*Trunk shows that have been previously booked will not be entered in this giveaway.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The paperwork is signed and the house is listed. Finally. I still have to take some interior shots for the realtor to upload and print fliers up, but we're almost there. I just have to clean up the house, again, and take some totally de-cluttered photos. You know, because my house is always so clean and de-cluttered. NOT! (And yes, I totally just brought "not"'re welcome.) I am just happy to be listed. This is progress people. Sure, we need a buyer, but baby steps, baby steps. So, know anyone that needs a great little house in Charlotte? It's a great deal! Or someone who would want to rent for a year or two? We'd be open to that. I am so ready to move back "home" to the RDU area. I gotta get back before Ben's future wife is born!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Join Me

Okay, I promise not to turn this blog into an all Stella & Dot site, all the time. However, summer is a big time for us, so I will be updating ya'll on specials and such. For those of you that hear the updates all the time from me, pardon the programming interruption - I will get back to grumbling again shortly!

If you ever have the need for extra money - be it just some fun cash for shopping or some serious cash that will afford you an entirely new lifestyle - joining Stella & Dot just become that much cooler! We have an amazing new stylist sign-up incentive for June, which allows you up to $950 in free jewelry. You will immediately receive $450 when you sign-up, and are eligible for an additional $500 when you launch yourself prior to July 10th and attend our HOOPLA event. I won't go into all the deets here, but if you've ever been interested in becoming a stylist NOW is the time. In fact, I'm super jealous that this special wasn't going on when I signed up in March. Super jealous!!

For me, I needed an outlet. I needed to feel like I was something more than just a mom. Staying at home with my son has been a privelege, but I missed working. I missed the excitement, the people, the money, and the sense of accomplishment when I hit my goals. Becoming a stylist has allowed me to earn extra income, put my brain to use again, and meet some great women. I've never been all joiner-joiny, but I really have loved the fellow stylists I have met through Stella & Dot. Joining is a decision I will never regret, especially since Stella & Dot allows you to make this career what you want - 1 party a month, 10 parties a month, or just join for the great stylist discount - it's your time, your career. It's nice to know that I can be a top-earner or I can just be a hobbyist and do what I can, when I can.  

So, if you'd be interested in learning more - or already know you want to become a stylist - shoot me a message and let's chat. Hey, I'll even be your sponsor, and you know how much fun I am!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So I am partnering with my friend the Preppy Pink Crocodile for a giveaway! She is giving away some awesome items that she normally sells on her Etsy Shop - things like onesies, bibs, coffee covers, etc. And I am giving away a pair of Stella & Dot earrings!
To enter the contest, you must first go to her blog site and read all about the rules and how you earn points. It's pretty easy, and you'll get a lot of great stuff! So head on over there and check it out (Giveaway#2 blog entry).

Other than that, I just wanted everyone to know about the really awesome Summer Sale that we have going on now. Some of the faves from Stella & Dot are now marked down 20 to 50 percent! I just ordered myself the Happy Flowers necklace for half-off and have been wearing it every day. I love it! So happy shopping and I hope you win the giveaway!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last week was school picture day at Ben's daycare, and I have been anxiously looking forward to the proofs. Now, I must admit, I have been very remiss about taking Ben to get professional photos done (as my mother will lament to anyone she knows). We do a great job of taking photos with our camera and our phones, but then I never seem to print them out. Oops. But hey, I post most all of them to Facebook, so at least there's that. So his having a school picture day was pretty exciting and one of the perks of daycare! I made sure to put him in a cute outfit, to tame his locks, and send him away clean faced and perky.

I logged on to the website today to look at the proofs, and you have to look through like the whole daycare center's photos until you find your kid. So I'm scrolling through all these adorable pics of kids older and younger of Ben, and then I get to Ben. And I kid you not, there were a total of 471 photos taken for his school and most every kid got like 10 shots - but my kid, my special kid, yeah, one freakin' photo. ONE! And it is with his signature grumpy "I loathe this" facial expression. Are you kidding me?? Granted, when I picked him up that day his teacher mentioned that he was not loving the photo process, but she also said that she was sure they caught something because they took a ton of shots and he eventually calmed down. This photography group specializes in childrens' photos and especially those done at daycares, and my kid was so worked up and horrible that you could only get off one shot? And it's a crappy one at that? Really?!

I am peeved. Totally peeved.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still Lost

Can I just say, there are only like 3 episodes left until the series finale of LOST. People, when the f*ck are they going to explain what the hell is going on?! Am I just dense? I feel like this final season has just opened up more questions (hello, new sideways world?!) and when are the answers coming? I know its inevitable, the show will end and I will be disappointed that I still have so many questions from all the seasons of confusing-ass shit they've thrown at us. I knew I should have stopped watching two seasons ago.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Hot Betty

I wanted to thank the beautiful Buford Betty for putting my little ad widget on her fabulous site, Make Room for Style, for all the hip mommas out there. I have decided to bite the bullet and try advertising in order to get the word out about myself as an Independent Stylist. I am trying to do that in as many free ways as possible, like advertising on my friends webpages and joining local Mommies sites. I have also decided to do some local magazine and online advertising in CLT and RDU. It is so different being on the other side as a client rather than the advertising sales rep. It also makes me realize how much I miss being out in the field and interacting with clients. J has a few leads on new positions that will hopefully get us to RDU sooner rather than later. Let's just hope that there will still be job opportunities for me when we get there. Unless I get this Stella & Dot business off the ground and bringing in some serious income, I will have to go to work to cover the daycare costs alone once we move. It is crazy expensive! I really don't know how people pay for multiple children in daycare - it would be like two decent-sized mortgage payments. Man, how did my parents do it? You appreciate your parents so much more once you pop out a baby. Really, I have always loved them, but now I am just amazed at all they have done for me and my sis - and I marvel out how they did it all. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so freakin' awesome!

And a big PS - if any of my lovely blog friends would allow me to put a little ad widget on your site, I'd be forever grateful! Hint, hint....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Wow, can't believe it's been weeks since I posted! Lots going on here - still waging sippy war with Ben at home (argh!); Ben has started daycare two days a week (drama!); my Stella & Dot business is taking off much slower than I'd like (stress!); and we are still moving at a snail's pace when it comes to making the move to RDU.

Ben started daycare a few weeks ago, and is not loving it. I am loving the free time to focus on my new business venture, clean the house a bit, and breathe - however it is laced with guilt. Every time J drops him off in the morning, he clings and cries and screams. This is why I do not drop him off. Mommy would cry. Although it may be worse because J is the "favorite" parent right now, and Ben never wants to be away from Daddy. However when I pick him up in the afternoon, he rarely even cares that I'm there. I think he's just so exhausted, he doesn't have the energy to care - until I say "Let's go home and see Daddy." And then he lights up and says, "Daddy?!"

At home, I still cannot consistently get Ben to drink his milk from one of a zillion sippy cups. And yet, he drinks like an angel at daycare! Are you kidding me? I will literally pick him up from daycare where he just had a sippy of milk, and then when we get home the sippy is the devil again. Argh! Of course he won't eat at daycare, and while a picky eater at home, he does at least eat when here. So it's small victories here and there. I am hoping that after a few more daycare days, he'll adjust and start to love his time there. *fingers crossed*

We have been busy readying the house for sale, and I've been wondering why we didn't do half this stuff years ago! But that's how it goes. J still hasn't applied for a job, to my knowledge. He tells me that I have to stop harping on the "applied" part and give him credit for all that he's doing to get us there - i.e. readying the house, researching RDU, listing his target companies, figuring out what he wants to move his career into. I say I'm right, he thinks he's right - so the circular argument continues.

My little business is taking off slowly. The over-achiever in me is very disappointed in myself because I think I should be more successful at this point. The few parties I have under my belt have been small, and I am having trouble booking future shows. My launch party is this weekend and I have literally invited every person I know in Charlotte, like 70 folks, and I think maybe 10 will show up. So that's bumming me out. On a positive note, I have recruited my first stylist. Yay! I am enjoying coaching her and helping her get her business off the ground. Oddly, she is having a better start in her few days than I have in a month. Go Holly!

Gotta run - almost time to pick up Ben and hear how his day went (hopefully better!). I think getting out in the sun will perk up my pessimistic attitude. Maybe.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Victory is mine! He drank 2 sippy cups of milk today! Of course, it was only from this Nuk sippy and no others, but I'll take what I can get at this point. Rushing out to Target to buy some more! Yay! Let's hope this luck holds for the rest of the week and we can officially put all the bottles in storage. Whew, on to the next battle. I'm sure whatever it is, it's just around the corner. *smile*

Carefree Days

We are on Day 5 of our Sippy Stand-off. We have an uneasy compromise going on right now. I take his Born Free sippy and top it with a nipple (thanks for the idea Breezy). He gets that in the morning and at night, the rest of the day is a battle. I finally found the Nuk sippy cup that Breezy suggested, and it seems to work the best. Of course I have to hold him like a baby and force him to drink it, but after a minute he seems to get that I'm not playing and drink more on his own. He still has yet to drink a whole serving of milk from any sippy (sans nipple). The kid has his convictions, but he has yet to realize that mommy will always win. I can wait him out.

Although, he doesn't have much longer to be babied because he's headed to daycare on Tuesday. I am so thrilled that he will be starting a 2-day program next week. We have decided upon Gateway Academy. J and I visited one location last week and liked their structure. While it was perfectly fine, I left with an uneasy feeling - like maybe I wasn't really ready for Ben to go to daycare at all. After visiting another location today, we are good to go. Ben seemed much more at ease with the caregivers and center directors. In fact when visiting the toddler room, he went right up to the table the kids were coloring at and started trying to take their away their pictures. Sure, not the best behavior, but at least he was interacting rather than shying away (as is his usual tactic). And I felt like we were both ready for this step. It's only two days a week, but it's a start. I am looking forward to his daily reports and seeing how much he learns from the other kiddos.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Isn't marriage a hoot?! J and I have been arguing about the speed at which we seem to be moving on our relocation plans, as evidenced by my weekend rant. Couple that with having a child and a tight budget, and there just doesn't seem to be as much time to devote to "us" and doing the things we used to do for each other. We are definitely at the annoyed with each other point of our marriage, and are aware that things will change but right now can be a bit sucky. And then today I get this totally random email from him, and it made me remember all the good that seems to get swept so easily under the rug when I'm mad.

Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 11:06 AM
Subject: this was supposed to be a surprise...

Don't be mad, but two weeks ago I ordered you a new laptop computer from HP. It will be delivered this week probably on Wednesday. They were running a good deal on HP computers that week, and I thought it would be a nice surprise to help you with your new business and keeping in touch with your book-face and email and such.

Hope you aren't upset. If you want me to cancel the order I can, we can just send it back to them without opening it.

Love you.
Seriously, the sweetest thing he has done for me in a very long time. And no, he doesn't have to buy me big gifts for me to remember that I love him dearly. It honestly is just the fact that he thought of me and how to make my life easier. He could have cleared a drawer in his desk for me and I would have been just as happy...although a new laptop is much better, especially since mine is on the fritz and we've been sharing his. Also, I like that he thought I'd be mad - because who would be mad about getting a new laptop? If anyone could, it would be me. Obviously I'm not, but he knows me well. He knows that I like to pick out my own stuff and can sometimes be a bad gift-receiver.

(I am fully aware that this post may make me seem like a difficult person to be married to, and will admit that I am. Who isn't?)

Day 3: Sippy Cup Stand-off

So this weekend has been a very interesting battle of the bulge at the Hawken household. We are trying, at this point unsuccessfully, to wean Ben from the bottle and onto the sippy cup. *shock* *gasp* Yes, he still drinks milk from a bottle. And yes, I know that he is 16-months old and should be way over this. He has been drinking water and juice from sippy cups since before he turned 1. However, he will haughtily throw down any sippy cup that contains milk. He has opinions and he's not afraid to share them, even if it involves hurling a sippy cup at your head.

We have been trying to get him off bottles for a few months now, and I have grimaced every time we've been out in public and I've had to break out the bottle or every time my mom lovingly makes a comment or every time some other mother at Gymboree shares her well-intentioned opinion. And I'll admit we haven't really thrown ourselves into the process whole-heartedly. What can I say, he's my baby. This is his one thing. He has never taken a pacifier, he has no lovey toy, no favorite blanket - he likes his milk from a Born Free nipple. I thought he'd just naturally grow out of it, eventually. In an effort to ready Ben for daycare, this weekend we decided to make our home a bottle-free zone. (Yes, Ben will be attending a 2-day program...but that's another post.)

I knew it would be difficult. I knew he would pitch fits. However I did not anticipate how stubborn my son can be. People, it is Day 3. The boy goes without drinking milk from a sippy all day, when he usually would have had 4 bottles. We will give him 1 water/juice mixture and the rest is either water or milk from a sippy. He will take a few sips, but never drink more than a few ounces of either. How is he maintaining his resistance? Is he part cyborg? 

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Do you ever want to update your Facebook status and just tell it like it is? Take today for example, I posted "out enjoying the sunshine," but neglected to mention what I really felt which was "I'm in a pissy f*cking mood today so watch out, especially if your name is J."

My day started out all sunshine and daisies, but then quickly turned to shite once J and I had yet another argument about my anger towards him. Here's the thing: He's right. I am angry at him. I do take any and all my frustrations out on him. However, he knows why I'm angry. He knows what would make me happy. So why make it so hard? We have been debating moving back to RDU since I moved to CLT in 2004. We agreed to move back in October 2009. We have slowly been taking care of things around the house in order to have it in tip-top shape so that we can list it. Great! We have agreed that he should be looking for a job because he (annoyingly) is the bread-winner and will need to secure employment first in order for us to move forward. However, he has not sent one single resume in to date. WTF?! He claims that he is "researching" the area and creating profiles of the top companies he wants to target. Uh, okay. But how long does that take? And can you not research companies and also apply for jobs at the same time? Seems doable to me. And yet he seems to look for anything under the sun that is on our task list and do that first with his free time. Yes, getting things done around the house is important. Yes, selling big items on Ebay to make money is important. But why is everything more important than actually applying for a job? He just seems to have no real urgency in that arena. He says he does. He says I'm right, and he will do it. And yet week after week, the same argument. So yes, I'm mad. I nag him and yell every weekend because I feel he should be able to spend one day applying for jobs. It's what I'd do.

At the same time, he doesn't seem to truly understand why this all makes me so angry. I've explained it to him, and he says he gets it...but still no action. I am in a holding pattern. I love that we decided I'd stay home with Ben, and that I've been fortunate enough to have that opportunity. I wouldn't trade a second of the time I have spent with him and I will cherish it always. But Mommy is ready to get back to work. I miss working and using my brain. I miss interacting with people and problem-solving. I miss the money. I hate feeling so dependent on someone. Yes, we're married - what's his is mine, mine is his...blah, blah, blah. But for me, I like having my own income and the sense of independence that comes along with it. I also know that when I'm working, I'm happier. I know I'd be a much better wife and mother if I had an outlet of my own. So, I've started as an independent stylist for Stella & Dot and that helps. But it's only a stop-gap until we move and I can get back into the full-time workforce. And let's be real, we can't afford for me to stay home much longer, which brings me back to my anger. He knows that I need to get back to work soon and that it makes no sense to get a job in Charlotte at this point. By the time I would be hired, we'd be turning around to move like 3 months later. As a former HR person, I can't do that to a company. So hello - urgency, let's send some resumes out please!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Jewelry-land

I'm back! Did you miss me? I'd love to say that I've been doing amazing things like training for a marathon (go breezy) or solving the healthcare debacle, but I've just been hanging about with the kiddo. He's amazing and seriously cute, but staying at home is slowly turning my brain to mush.

So, I wanted to tell everyone about the new business venture that I am undertaking, and hopefully enlist your assistance. Some of you have heard me talk about Stella & Dot in the past few months, and this week I took the plunge and became one of their newest independent stylists! You may be familiar with their jewelry, as it is often featured in magazines like Oprah, InStyle and Lucky – which is where I initially heard of them. I am very excited about this opportunity, and the chance to make some money and socialize with people taller than my knee!

For those of you in the Charlotte area, I am planning my “launch” party and will be sending out E-Vites once all of my official materials and new jewelry samples arrive. I hope some of you will be able to attend! There will be food, wine, and pretty, sparkly things for everyone to go ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh’ about…and did I mention the free wine?

Of course I will be looking to book some parties, and if that’s something that you would be interested in please let me know. I promise my parties will be quick, easy and painless! And as a hostess, you can earn free jewelry and 50% off additional items. It’s a win-win!

And if you’re not into parties, that’s fine too! I have my own personal Stella & Dot E-Boutique, where anyone can go to learn more about the company, see the gorgeous jewelry, and order until their jewelry boxes are full. For those of you out of state, this is perfect – but I can also do catalog parties if you just want a reason to gather the girls and drink some wine.

Check me out @ (Stylist ID: 107883).

Thanks in advance for your support! It is my hope to update this blog on a much more regular basis. I can't figure out how it was easier to blog daily and have a full-time job out of the home. Oh wait, it's Ben's fault. Problem solved.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's 2010, so are hand written thank you notes passe? Here's why I ask. I have recently sent several gifts out for various occasions (wedding, baby, etc.) and have only gotten thank you's via Facebook (if anything). And not even a Facebook private email, but like a "hey, how are you? thanks for the gift." type of comment. Am I old fashioned to expect an actual thank you note? Sometimes I think so, and I am blaming all the Edwardian and Victorian novels that I've read.

Of course I didn't give the gifts expecting adulation, but is it really that hard to write a note and pop it in the mail? Am I the only one that does that anymore? Believe me, I'm not perfect, I'm sure I don't always send one for everything. But for the most part, when someone sends my child a gift or goes out of their way for me, I try to send a personal note of thanks.

Seriously, hand written notes are lovely. Does no one else get excited about personal mail anymore? I did notice a significant decrease in my Christmas cards this year. Sigh.

(And I fully realize that I am writing this and owing a few people some of those notes...I have a list and am working my way through it. Ahem, CindyLooHoo, Tara and Beckers, you are on that list!)