Thursday, August 21, 2008


"There ain't no GD in me, there ain't no GD in me! There may be GD in some of you preggos, but there ain't no GD in me! WHEE!"

I got the call today from the doc, and I am clear! No gestational diabetes here! Whew, what a load off of my mind. I'm in such a good mood, I shall share my ever burgeoning belly with at 30 weeks!

Okay, so it is really hard to hold a camera, pull your dress tight, and try to take a decent self-belly portrait.

Also, where the hell did my toes go? I made my husband put lotion on my whitey, white legs this morning because I was too lazy (and too round) to bend down and do it well without sitting...and I was just in a hurry. Plus it was kinda funny to make him lather my legs up. Hee-hee.

PS - I totally riffed that song from the Advantage fleas & ticks commercial. So, if you re-read the intro in that tune, it's totally funny. And if not, hello, those singing puppies are so cute!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stop Please...

You know how a few months ago, I was all "kick me dammit"...remember? Okay, so I'm over that. This little boy is either playing soccer in there or training for Riverdance 2018. The kicking to my ribs and my lower abdomen is constant. The only time he doesn't kick is when I say "Hey, come watch this!" to anyone that may be around. If there's a possible audience, then he's as silent as a mouse. But if mommy needs to sleep, eat, work, drive,'s prime kicking time. I know I have 10.5 more weeks to go, but I really just don't know how I can fit any more baby in this belly. I feel so full already, and like my son is part octopus. God help me when he really starts adding on the weight. It's just so crazy that a baby is in there, and my organs are all crammed into the corners as if they are unimportant. I wonder if I'll feel "empty" when he's out?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Check It...

Some of you may have noticed my newer section to the right called "New Kids on the Blog." Yes, witty, I know. How do I come up with such titles?! It's a link to my friends' baby sites - you can see their baby photos, pregnancy updates, journal entries, and more!

And, I am finally getting around to building one for our son. Who, if I haven't mentioned it, will be named....drumroll please....BENJAMIN EVERETT. After many, many months of debate, we finally settled it. It's now hand-stitched in at least one item that my Great Aunt Ulla in Denmark is making for the baby, so there's no changing it now!

So, check out the baby sites. It's like a daily dose of cute!

PS - Mine will be updated soon. So far I'm just getting to moving applicable past posts over and old photos over. I will update with new photos of me and the baby room - which is almost complete - this month! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My First F...

So I had the big, bad glucose test on Monday for gestational diabetes...and I failed. The docs want you to have 135 mg/dl or less, and my overachieving self was a big ole 175. I have to admit I was really shocked when the nurse told me the number. Absolutely shocked. I was all ready to head home and take a nap, but instead I had to take the walk of shame back to the OB's office. When I arrived, the receptionists were like "You're back? You failed? You get an F for the day!" I guess they thought this type of humor was funny and light-hearted, but it made me crumble inside. I held it together while I sat in the waiting room to see the head nurse, but I felt like I was sitting outside the principal's office about to get a talking to. I swear, I could feel the judgement rolling off of her. I mean, she didn't say anything bad, but she also didn't say anything good either. It just really pissed me off and made me feel like somehow I'm a bad mother already. But then I realized that it wasn't just me waiting to see her, but that 2 other women were waiting too. That's right, all 3 of us "failed" our glucose tests that morning...And that made me feel better because they were all WTF too. After finding out that I have to go back in next week for a torturous 3-hour testing session (ugh, drinking multiple sugary drinks and multiple blood draws = nightmare. Not to mention the crazy carbo-load diet and then 12-hour fast...), I had to pry out of her how often folks fail the first test and pass the second. Her response, "Oh, it's quite common." Well hello, why don't you people lead with that! Why do you let us sit out there and squirm and feel horrible about our mothering skills, when it's "quite common." Bitches.

And yes, I know gestational diabetes isn't really my fault...but you can't help but feel that if I do have it, that somehow along the last 7 months I've done something wrong.

Keep your fingers crossed for my 8/19 results as a "pass." I don't want the GD!