Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's 2010, so are hand written thank you notes passe? Here's why I ask. I have recently sent several gifts out for various occasions (wedding, baby, etc.) and have only gotten thank you's via Facebook (if anything). And not even a Facebook private email, but like a "hey, how are you? thanks for the gift." type of comment. Am I old fashioned to expect an actual thank you note? Sometimes I think so, and I am blaming all the Edwardian and Victorian novels that I've read.

Of course I didn't give the gifts expecting adulation, but is it really that hard to write a note and pop it in the mail? Am I the only one that does that anymore? Believe me, I'm not perfect, I'm sure I don't always send one for everything. But for the most part, when someone sends my child a gift or goes out of their way for me, I try to send a personal note of thanks.

Seriously, hand written notes are lovely. Does no one else get excited about personal mail anymore? I did notice a significant decrease in my Christmas cards this year. Sigh.

(And I fully realize that I am writing this and owing a few people some of those notes...I have a list and am working my way through it. Ahem, CindyLooHoo, Tara and Beckers, you are on that list!)