Friday, November 7, 2008

This is Love

While, exhausted, we are all still alive and well! Mommy, Daddy and baby are still trying to figure out how this whole "parenthood" thing works - but we're slowly, but surely, figuring things out. We're taking things day by day, and sometimes hour by hour.

It's amazing how much you can be in love with someone you've only known for seconds, but it's true. As soon as they hand you that baby, it's love at first sight. What they don't tell you about is the worry and anxiety - how you just want to make sure he's happy and healthy at all times. How it breaks your heart to hear him cry for just a second - even when you know he's fine. And how it's hard to sleep at all because you won't be able to watch him if you're sleeping.

James and I are just so amazed that we made this little precious boy. He is so wonderful - healthy, happy, sweet, good-natured and adorable. Every minute with him is just so worth it all. The horrible labor and delivery, the slow and painful recovery, the sleepless nights and the anxiety - it's all worth it just to look at his face.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Aunt Amanda's Two Cents....

Ok, well-I first must say that I am so thrilled that little Ben waited until I was in the vicinity to make his appearance! Having been at the hospital with Stacy from the beginning-I cannot put into words how amazing she was. She was in pain, having contractions, sleep deprived, and famished-but managed to (bitch!) look beautiful, be polite to each nurse and person who entered her room, and be so brave!!

After many, many, many hours of contractions and waiting, she was given the "ok" to start pushing! I won't spill the beans about how long it took or what she went through, but I will tell you that it was so worth it! Ben is the cutest kid I've ever seen-and so sweet! He makes the cutest faces (even the little "elvis face" that Stacy made when she was a baby)! He is the perfect combination of James and Stacy--and I cannot wait to see him grow up! (Although....I don't really want him to ever get any bigger)! :)

Big Ben

Story of the delivery and all to come on another post....until then, here he is:

8 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 3/4 inches

Everyone is happy and healthy - just overly tired from our "birth" story.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stupid Voting

So, I went to vote today. The polls opened at 10:00 a.m., so I got in line at 9:15 a.m. After standing in line for 2.5 hours, I couldn't take it anymore but was also not willing to miss my chance to vote for my man Obama. So the really nice people standing around me were very adamant that I should talk to an elections board member and get to go to the front of the line, or at least get to sit inside until my turn. In fact, a sweet man went with me to find an official. You would not believe how common decency is just dead in America. No one cared that I was over 40 weeks pregnant, swollen, and having Braxton Hicks contractions. Below is my blackberry conversation with my friend, Brooke, after the debacle. I'm still so pissed!

Stacy: You will not believe how f*ng rude people are in voting!
Stacy: I have been standing here 2.5 hours and the nice folks around me are like "they need to let you vote and not stand in line!"
Stacy: And the election board people are like - you're not disabled, so you can't go to the front of line
Stacy: I'm like "can I sit inside and then just vote when my space comes up"
Stacy: And they're like "is someone standing in your place?"
Brooke: Omg - I'm so sorry!!
Brooke: what?! Seriously? That is ridiculous!!
Stacy: Uh, no - but the people I was with are cool with me sitting until they come up
Stacy: And they are "letting" me do that...but they're not happy about it.
Stacy: And people in line in front of me wouldn't let me pass
Stacy: They were like "she's just using that as an excuse!" and "It ain't my problem."
Stacy: I am so pissed, its all I can do not to cry and leave...but I have to vote!
Brooke: Aw honey I'm sooo sorry. I can't believe how rude people are either. Do u want me to come up there?
Stacy: No. I'm gonna stick it out. But I am calling the elections board to complain when I get home.
Brooke: I can stand w/ u or cause a scene
Stacy: No, its fine
Brooke: U absolutely should!
Stacy: I am sitting now. Waiting till my part of line comes up, and then I can get back in line to vote.
Brooke: Any idea how much longer its suppose to take?
Stacy: Like 45 minutes
Brooke: R u sure u don't need anything - a snack, some thing to drink?I can get there in ab 15 min.
Stacy: No. I'm fine. Serves them right if I pass out
Brooke: Yeah but that shouldn't even be an issue bc they should let u go to the front! Its just ridiculous and in inexcusable.
Stacy: Yeah, well they are doing the same thing to the elderly
Brooke: Well I'm calling the board of elections too!
Stacy: Thanks!

I finally cast my vote at 1:30 p.m.