Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last week was school picture day at Ben's daycare, and I have been anxiously looking forward to the proofs. Now, I must admit, I have been very remiss about taking Ben to get professional photos done (as my mother will lament to anyone she knows). We do a great job of taking photos with our camera and our phones, but then I never seem to print them out. Oops. But hey, I post most all of them to Facebook, so at least there's that. So his having a school picture day was pretty exciting and one of the perks of daycare! I made sure to put him in a cute outfit, to tame his locks, and send him away clean faced and perky.

I logged on to the website today to look at the proofs, and you have to look through like the whole daycare center's photos until you find your kid. So I'm scrolling through all these adorable pics of kids older and younger of Ben, and then I get to Ben. And I kid you not, there were a total of 471 photos taken for his school and most every kid got like 10 shots - but my kid, my special kid, yeah, one freakin' photo. ONE! And it is with his signature grumpy "I loathe this" facial expression. Are you kidding me?? Granted, when I picked him up that day his teacher mentioned that he was not loving the photo process, but she also said that she was sure they caught something because they took a ton of shots and he eventually calmed down. This photography group specializes in childrens' photos and especially those done at daycares, and my kid was so worked up and horrible that you could only get off one shot? And it's a crappy one at that? Really?!

I am peeved. Totally peeved.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still Lost

Can I just say, there are only like 3 episodes left until the series finale of LOST. People, when the f*ck are they going to explain what the hell is going on?! Am I just dense? I feel like this final season has just opened up more questions (hello, new sideways world?!) and when are the answers coming? I know its inevitable, the show will end and I will be disappointed that I still have so many questions from all the seasons of confusing-ass shit they've thrown at us. I knew I should have stopped watching two seasons ago.