Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's 2010, so are hand written thank you notes passe? Here's why I ask. I have recently sent several gifts out for various occasions (wedding, baby, etc.) and have only gotten thank you's via Facebook (if anything). And not even a Facebook private email, but like a "hey, how are you? thanks for the gift." type of comment. Am I old fashioned to expect an actual thank you note? Sometimes I think so, and I am blaming all the Edwardian and Victorian novels that I've read.

Of course I didn't give the gifts expecting adulation, but is it really that hard to write a note and pop it in the mail? Am I the only one that does that anymore? Believe me, I'm not perfect, I'm sure I don't always send one for everything. But for the most part, when someone sends my child a gift or goes out of their way for me, I try to send a personal note of thanks.

Seriously, hand written notes are lovely. Does no one else get excited about personal mail anymore? I did notice a significant decrease in my Christmas cards this year. Sigh.

(And I fully realize that I am writing this and owing a few people some of those notes...I have a list and am working my way through it. Ahem, CindyLooHoo, Tara and Beckers, you are on that list!)


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

No, people are just lacking manners! I thinks its important to write thank-you notes. And like you, I forget now and then. But in general, you should try to write it before you use a gift if possible. And a verbal, email or FB thank you does not count. Its nice but a note is needed too!

Stacy said...

Hey KK, friend me on FB - I always want to friend you but can't remember your last name (because I'm so used to the KK). :)

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, like to think I have a little something to do with your good manners! letter writing in general has all but disappearred, what a shame. Thankfully, both my girls write notes, sometimes for no reason at all, even better! Mom

Tara said...

I totally believe in thank you notes. Girl, I was on my wedding thank you cards so fast. Folks thought I was writing them on the honeymoon. I guess I am old fashion. But, your right, when I do not get them, I wonder "What is up?". I do love my birthday cards, christmas cards, etc. I can say I am not as good with those. But, I do get excited when I get cards. Shows that your cared about and remembered. I just watched the Oprah show with that talked about how were becoming more disconnected personally due to text, facebook, cells, t.v. etc. Did anyone else see it? It was with Peter Walsh.

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I send thank you notes still and I EXPECT them in return...But you are right, hardly noone sends them anymore, sad!