Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Wow, can't believe it's been weeks since I posted! Lots going on here - still waging sippy war with Ben at home (argh!); Ben has started daycare two days a week (drama!); my Stella & Dot business is taking off much slower than I'd like (stress!); and we are still moving at a snail's pace when it comes to making the move to RDU.

Ben started daycare a few weeks ago, and is not loving it. I am loving the free time to focus on my new business venture, clean the house a bit, and breathe - however it is laced with guilt. Every time J drops him off in the morning, he clings and cries and screams. This is why I do not drop him off. Mommy would cry. Although it may be worse because J is the "favorite" parent right now, and Ben never wants to be away from Daddy. However when I pick him up in the afternoon, he rarely even cares that I'm there. I think he's just so exhausted, he doesn't have the energy to care - until I say "Let's go home and see Daddy." And then he lights up and says, "Daddy?!"

At home, I still cannot consistently get Ben to drink his milk from one of a zillion sippy cups. And yet, he drinks like an angel at daycare! Are you kidding me? I will literally pick him up from daycare where he just had a sippy of milk, and then when we get home the sippy is the devil again. Argh! Of course he won't eat at daycare, and while a picky eater at home, he does at least eat when here. So it's small victories here and there. I am hoping that after a few more daycare days, he'll adjust and start to love his time there. *fingers crossed*

We have been busy readying the house for sale, and I've been wondering why we didn't do half this stuff years ago! But that's how it goes. J still hasn't applied for a job, to my knowledge. He tells me that I have to stop harping on the "applied" part and give him credit for all that he's doing to get us there - i.e. readying the house, researching RDU, listing his target companies, figuring out what he wants to move his career into. I say I'm right, he thinks he's right - so the circular argument continues.

My little business is taking off slowly. The over-achiever in me is very disappointed in myself because I think I should be more successful at this point. The few parties I have under my belt have been small, and I am having trouble booking future shows. My launch party is this weekend and I have literally invited every person I know in Charlotte, like 70 folks, and I think maybe 10 will show up. So that's bumming me out. On a positive note, I have recruited my first stylist. Yay! I am enjoying coaching her and helping her get her business off the ground. Oddly, she is having a better start in her few days than I have in a month. Go Holly!

Gotta run - almost time to pick up Ben and hear how his day went (hopefully better!). I think getting out in the sun will perk up my pessimistic attitude. Maybe.

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