Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still Lost

Can I just say, there are only like 3 episodes left until the series finale of LOST. People, when the f*ck are they going to explain what the hell is going on?! Am I just dense? I feel like this final season has just opened up more questions (hello, new sideways world?!) and when are the answers coming? I know its inevitable, the show will end and I will be disappointed that I still have so many questions from all the seasons of confusing-ass shit they've thrown at us. I knew I should have stopped watching two seasons ago.


Beckers said...

I remember that you gave up on Lost before I did—I think you stopped watching somewhere during season 2. And then by the time I finally gave up midway thru season 3, you had started watching again! That was your mistake. :(

Stacy said...

Yeah. It always bugged me that Hurley never lost weight on the island; that Sun was able to find a pregnancy test that just happened to be in the luggage; that they found the old food and beer; etc.
I should have stopped watching. Now I'm all sucked in and annoyed that all the loose-ends will not be tied up neatly in a bow for me by the end of this thing.