Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Hot Betty

I wanted to thank the beautiful Buford Betty for putting my little ad widget on her fabulous site, Make Room for Style, for all the hip mommas out there. I have decided to bite the bullet and try advertising in order to get the word out about myself as an Independent Stylist. I am trying to do that in as many free ways as possible, like advertising on my friends webpages and joining local Mommies sites. I have also decided to do some local magazine and online advertising in CLT and RDU. It is so different being on the other side as a client rather than the advertising sales rep. It also makes me realize how much I miss being out in the field and interacting with clients. J has a few leads on new positions that will hopefully get us to RDU sooner rather than later. Let's just hope that there will still be job opportunities for me when we get there. Unless I get this Stella & Dot business off the ground and bringing in some serious income, I will have to go to work to cover the daycare costs alone once we move. It is crazy expensive! I really don't know how people pay for multiple children in daycare - it would be like two decent-sized mortgage payments. Man, how did my parents do it? You appreciate your parents so much more once you pop out a baby. Really, I have always loved them, but now I am just amazed at all they have done for me and my sis - and I marvel out how they did it all. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so freakin' awesome!

And a big PS - if any of my lovely blog friends would allow me to put a little ad widget on your site, I'd be forever grateful! Hint, hint....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Wow, can't believe it's been weeks since I posted! Lots going on here - still waging sippy war with Ben at home (argh!); Ben has started daycare two days a week (drama!); my Stella & Dot business is taking off much slower than I'd like (stress!); and we are still moving at a snail's pace when it comes to making the move to RDU.

Ben started daycare a few weeks ago, and is not loving it. I am loving the free time to focus on my new business venture, clean the house a bit, and breathe - however it is laced with guilt. Every time J drops him off in the morning, he clings and cries and screams. This is why I do not drop him off. Mommy would cry. Although it may be worse because J is the "favorite" parent right now, and Ben never wants to be away from Daddy. However when I pick him up in the afternoon, he rarely even cares that I'm there. I think he's just so exhausted, he doesn't have the energy to care - until I say "Let's go home and see Daddy." And then he lights up and says, "Daddy?!"

At home, I still cannot consistently get Ben to drink his milk from one of a zillion sippy cups. And yet, he drinks like an angel at daycare! Are you kidding me? I will literally pick him up from daycare where he just had a sippy of milk, and then when we get home the sippy is the devil again. Argh! Of course he won't eat at daycare, and while a picky eater at home, he does at least eat when here. So it's small victories here and there. I am hoping that after a few more daycare days, he'll adjust and start to love his time there. *fingers crossed*

We have been busy readying the house for sale, and I've been wondering why we didn't do half this stuff years ago! But that's how it goes. J still hasn't applied for a job, to my knowledge. He tells me that I have to stop harping on the "applied" part and give him credit for all that he's doing to get us there - i.e. readying the house, researching RDU, listing his target companies, figuring out what he wants to move his career into. I say I'm right, he thinks he's right - so the circular argument continues.

My little business is taking off slowly. The over-achiever in me is very disappointed in myself because I think I should be more successful at this point. The few parties I have under my belt have been small, and I am having trouble booking future shows. My launch party is this weekend and I have literally invited every person I know in Charlotte, like 70 folks, and I think maybe 10 will show up. So that's bumming me out. On a positive note, I have recruited my first stylist. Yay! I am enjoying coaching her and helping her get her business off the ground. Oddly, she is having a better start in her few days than I have in a month. Go Holly!

Gotta run - almost time to pick up Ben and hear how his day went (hopefully better!). I think getting out in the sun will perk up my pessimistic attitude. Maybe.