Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm A Worker Bee....Again

I is alive! I would love to say that I have been doing wonderful, marvelous things this summer. But mostly I have been depressed and unhappy, and that's not fun for daily blog fodder. Thus, radio silence.

Oh, but I haven't been totally useless, I have been applying and interviewing for it's my job (get it, get it, I's made a funny). And finally after about 9 months of searching, I have finally been found worthy of employment. Yay for me! Someone hired me. Someone liked me more than another candidate. Yay! I am very excited about this new opportunity, especially since it means a paycheck! Oh wait, I am also excited about the position. It is with a small tech company out of California, and I will be their East Coast Coordinator. Don't ask me exactly what that means because I'm not 100% sure yet. However, it will require my unbelievable customer service skills, organizational abilities, and my love of multi-tasking. But best of all, I will be doing something that is totally out of line from my background and will allow me to learn a new skillset and gain new industry experience.

Oh, and didn't I mention the kicker - travel. I start on the 5th of July and work from home for a week, and then I fly out to San Jose for two weeks of training. What did I hear when this was explained to me? VACATION! Two weeks, alone, my own hotel room. Hallelujah! This is the first real vacation I have had in two and a half years (thank you Ben). So while I will miss my little man (I'll see you on Skype buddy), and am anxious about how he and J will get on without me (it's gonna be like a cage match and only one will survive), I cannot wait to board that plane! It'll be a nice change for J to find out what it's like being me and bearing the majority of the parenting duties. I expect it shall be a life-changing two weeks for us all.

Sidenote: When J told Ben I was going back to work, he replied "Oh yay! Congratulations Mommy! Can I come with you?" My sweet little goofball.