Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Heart of Rock & Roll

I'm so excited! I just rented a fetal doppler from I can't wait, it should be here in a week or so. I had heard and read about the rentals, so I'm taking the plunge. It'll be neat to hear, record and share the heartbeat, especially since we have family on the other side of the US.

I decided to do it after my check-up appointment on Thursday. I was excited about the appointment because while I thought it may involve a little spelunking (no fun), it would at minimum involve hearing the heartbeat again. Nope, wrong on both counts. The doc just wanted to chat. Other than my blood pressure, urine and weight (lost 5 lbs) - they did nothing else. Odd, right? I mean, how does that teach them anything about how little 10-week old Lima Bean is doing? Apparently, I don't get to hear the heartbeat again until the 2nd trimester appointment. I'm impatient and want to hear it whenever I want - so hello doppler! I'm going to name my doppler - Lloyd (hehe, Say Anything reference. Lloyd Dobbler, Lloyd Doppler, get it? If not, you people need to rent that movie STAT!).

On the exciting front, we get to find out the sex of the baby on May 28th. Wahoo!


Breezy said...

I LOVE Lloyd Doppler and I totally got that reference. I will say I'm a bit perturbed that you have had several appointments before my FIRST! Can you rent one of those vaginal ultrasound things???

Beckers said...

"One question: Do you need 'someone,' or do you need me? … Forget it, I don't care."

I (heart) Lloyd Dobler 4ever. Totally need to watch that movie again soon.

P.S. Tell James to scan the GD sonograms already! :)

Beckers said...

P.P.S. Is that a Huey Lewis quote I spy in your title? I like. :) (Shut up, haters: Don't ya know it's hip to be square?)

Buford Betty said...

OH cool... I'll be interested to hear abour the doppler thingee.

Stacy said...

Yes Beckers, that is a Huey Lewis reference. Thanks for catching it! I love me some Huey Lewis & the News. :)