Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here's the thing, when I leave the house in the morning, I generally feel pretty cute. I haven't really freaked out about the weight gain, and I typically think I actually look "little" to be as far along as I am. I look in the mirror and think, my belly is still pretty small to be at 6 months. I mean, I used to be able to stick my belly out like this just for fun. (Remember Beckers all the fun Breezy and I had making fat bellies in front of the dorm mirror...Good times!) But then you see yourself in photos, and it's just totally different. I see the photos and I think "OMG, I am so freakin' huge!" So, yeah, pregnancy really messes with your sense of size and proportion.

I like to call this picture "BooBelly," in which I realize pregnancy has created one big booby-belly monster. But my dad looks cute!

Oh, and I was at 23 weeks then (around 4th of July) it's only getting bigger from here on out! Also, all of a sudden my hair has turned to crap. I used to love my hair, but now it's all limp and lifeless. *Sigh* But knock-wood, no crazy skin tags yet.


Beckers said...

I thought pregnancy was supposed to make your hair all gorgeous and shiny! Are you taking your prenatal vitamins, missy?

But wait, it's all starting to make sense now: You're opposite girl! Your hair was always fabulous and healthy when you weren't pregnant, so right now it's just, y'know, NORMAL. Welcome to my world! ;) At least you only have to stay here for a few months. Once Lima Bean stops taking all your nutrients, I'm sure your hair will revert to its original lustrous state!

Although, for the record, your hair, boobs, AND belly look adorable in that picture! And yes, your dad is just the cutest. Love him!

Stacy said...

Yes, I'm taking my vitamins! And the hair was good, great even, but now it's turned sour. Limp, listless, not holding color, not holding style....apparently this can happen (or so I've been told).

Anonymous said...

I think you look great! You had the cutest dress yesterday and I felt drab and felt like I needed to buy cuter clothes. I am serious! I also think you don't look that big either for six months, I think you look great!

By the way, Shannon and I went on a call to Haute Momas today. You would love it super cute stuff. I SWEAR. And some of it is called transitional too. And she had jewlry, bags.

Your dad is so neat! Nice to finally "meet him"!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

OK before I finished reading I thought "damn her hair looks cute! How can I steal that color and do?!" And your baby belly is adorable!! Love it!

Gnome said...

Oh my gosh, Stace. You look so good!!! You look just like you should! Ahh... that rhymes. Anyway, you need to stop with the Negative Nelly self-image crap. You're beautiful! By the way, what's with the skin-tag thing??? That happens when you're pregnant?

amanda said...

sooooo cute! :) you and daddy both! And why is he poking your belly button? silly wicky!

by the way: You are gorgeous, pregnant or not! So stop with the bashing--nobody calls my sister ugly!

Breezy said...

Very cute picture...can I just say that I'm pissed you still have tiny arms and your faces isn't pudgy...course I knew I'd get that! Your hair still looks great...and...well, I'm waay bigger than you and a month behind (my belly sorta just exploded these past 2 weeks...geez!)

Breezy said...

AND OMG! I just noticed and am jealous "New Kids on the Blog"!!! How freakin' cute!!!!!!!

CindyLooHoo said... make me excited to get prego one day (aside from the skin abnormalities you mentioned)! You look PHENOMENAL!!! You are so photogenic- and being pregnant looks like it suits you- you look so radiant.
Time is flying feels like you were just in my apartment 4 weeks pregnant!

T-ann said...

AWWWW- there is my bestest friend looking beautiful, BIA-Tch...your arms are still skinny.... Hello, I have had preggo arms going on six years now...oh, wait but I have never been preggers. Love you, miss you. Your looking great:) You give me hope one day. Hopefully, you want good will my baby hip hop outfit for the future floyd girl. You know you are forever cleaning your closet.

p.s. Briannes belly is bigger, lol! Just kidding Bri!

Stacy said...

Aw, you guys are so sweet...but really, what else could you say? "Hey, you do look totally blimp like!" That'd be an odd group of friends to have surrounded oneself with... :) Thanks for all the sweet comments. I'm a lucky girl to have such great, beautiful friends.

jennai said...

Oh my gosh, look so good You look just like you should lol