Thursday, August 21, 2008


"There ain't no GD in me, there ain't no GD in me! There may be GD in some of you preggos, but there ain't no GD in me! WHEE!"

I got the call today from the doc, and I am clear! No gestational diabetes here! Whew, what a load off of my mind. I'm in such a good mood, I shall share my ever burgeoning belly with at 30 weeks!

Okay, so it is really hard to hold a camera, pull your dress tight, and try to take a decent self-belly portrait.

Also, where the hell did my toes go? I made my husband put lotion on my whitey, white legs this morning because I was too lazy (and too round) to bend down and do it well without sitting...and I was just in a hurry. Plus it was kinda funny to make him lather my legs up. Hee-hee.

PS - I totally riffed that song from the Advantage fleas & ticks commercial. So, if you re-read the intro in that tune, it's totally funny. And if not, hello, those singing puppies are so cute!


Anonymous said...

you and Breezy are so funny with your pictures taht you take by yourself!

you both have the greatest preggo clothes! But I still want you to come to Haute Momas!

PS Love the color of your bathroom wall!

Beckers said...

I immediately recognized the "ain't no bugs on me" song. :) So glad to hear that you aced the goddamn GD test. (I'm cracking myself up here!)

You know what you need with that belly? Some old GAP overalls. Imagine the sideways, slumping, pat-the-belly poses you could strike in the Cobb Dorm mirror!

Breezy said...

I THINK I STILL HAVE MY OVERALLS! GOOD IDEA BECKERS! I too recognized the song, LOVE those puppies!! Yay for passing and not having the GD. I've been eating brownies daily just in case I fail my test in a couple weeks...hey, gotta save up =)

Gnome said...


Buford Betty said...

Oh you look SO awesome!!!! What a snazzy prego you are.

CindyLooHoo said... look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Girl, you are rocking at 30 weeks. And just so we are clear, you will be packing up some of those snazzy prego clothes and shipping them my way- when I need them, of course. No excuses!!!
And look at that hair!!!! Love it. You may just inspire me...

NSB said...

Looking very good, Stacy! Glad the GD test turned out fine. It was so nice to see you and James the other day. Let's do it again soon!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh you are just too cute! Look at you with cute hair and adorable outfit and cutie patootie baby bump- LOVE it!