Monday, February 9, 2009

In Memoriam

On Sunday, one of my close friends lost her husband to a battle with an unnamed foe. I hesitate to post about this, as it's her story to share...and in time, I am sure she will. However, I want to write about what an amazing woman my friend is, and how much I admire and love her.

Melissa and Pete were married only a few years, and for over half of that time Melissa was bravely and lovingly handling what most of us believe we won't have to deal with until we are much, much older. At 30, you don't imagine that your husband will get sick. You don't envision multiple rounds of MRIs, spinal taps, CT scans, and tons of doctors visits - all performed, with still no answer as to why the person you love is deteriorating. Melissa you have amazed me with what you have been through, and how you have handled it all with a positive attitude. Always seeing the bright side and celebrating the small victories. You are stronger than you know, and Pete was blessed to have you always by his side.

We are young. We live our lives as if it's all ahead of us, and for most of us it is. When Melissa met Pete, her life was forever changed. When I met Melissa, my life was forever changed. Melissa, words cannot express how profoundly sad I am for your loss and how much I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better. You have taught me to never take any day for granted, to be thankful for what we have, to always tell those you love what is in your heart, and to try to face it all with a positive attitude.


amanda said...

That is so sad!! Thanks for sharing. Keeping Melissa in my thoughts!

Breezy said...

I think you did that beautifully Stace.

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Wow Stacy, that was so well said and a wonderful tribute to both Pete and Melissa. I'm glad I got the chance to meet you today :)

CindyLooHoo said...

Oh wow. My heart is just broken... I will be praying for Melissa, and her/his entire family, as I know this is a hard road. Thanks for sharing their story, and for uplifting your friend in a time she needs it the most.