Friday, August 6, 2010

Not funny.

(Okay, I've been meaning to post this since this past weekend but flu-like symptoms got in the way! Also, it's late and my brain is half-asleep, so this may be a bit disjointed...)

I cannot tell you how many radio stations I heard this past week making fun of Chelsea Clinton and her upcoming nuptials. I was driving home from a visit home this weekend and listening to one station go on and on, and I was seething. How immature and inconsiderate are people? You are on the radio mocking a young woman that you have never met because maybe you don't agree with her parents political views? Or is it just because it makes you feel like a better person to compare her to a horse? So irritating. This is a girl who was quite awkward looking in her teen years, which she had to live in the public eye, and yet she weathered it all with class. I think she has grown into quite an attractive young woman. But either way, who are you to throw stones? You are a radio dj. You are obviously not attractive enough to have made it on to television, and yet you think you can sit in your booth and play the Mister Ed song. Hilarious. It's like no radio dj ever matured past their 13 year old self. How would you feel if someone, and I'm sure it was dj's all over the nation, was making fun of your daughter on one of the most special days of her life? So disgusting.

I think she looked gorgeous and happy on her wedding day. Congrats!


Breezy said...

I totally agree! I guess nothing else is going on right now so they had to revert back 15 years and pull out all the ugly duckling stories. She was gorgeous and happy and glowing and all the things you're supposed to be on your wedding day. AND you don't hear scandalous stories about her...she's a lady! Whether you agree with her parents or not, people have to admit she turned out fabulous despite the obstacles in her way. Geesh!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Are you serious? What was there to mock? She's adorable and super smart and has stayed out of the media. I thought Hil (my girl!) looked awesome!