Monday, July 19, 2010

Wishful Thinking

I am in a funk. I had childishly high hopes this week that our open house would result in a miraculous offer and imminent sale. Naive, yes. Reality - one person showed up. This was a person that just happened to drive by and see the signs, and who is looking to rent-to-own (i.e. most likely doesn't have the credit to qualify to buy a house). *SIGH*

I spent all week stressing over the need to clean, declutter and depersonalize our house for our first open house. I scrubbed my hands raw, boxed almost everything up that isn't needed in the foreseeable future, and staged the home as if a rambunctious 21-month old has never lived here (except for the strategically placed toys that scream "this is a cozy house to raise your family in"). I was unable to sleep most nights for the lists running in my head of what still needed to be done. [My Brain: The blinds and windows - they haven't been cleaned since we moved in here. Must clean now. No one will ever buy this house if there are dusty blinds. AAHHH!]

Apparently open houses have gone the way of the dodo. Who knew. I get it, I can see everything I need to see online with pictures and virtual tours. But no one has scheduled a visit to come and see our charming craftsman style bungalow. And our pictures are good, and I know our house is cute. So what now? I know we can drop the price a bit, and I'm sure we will in the next few weeks. Other than that, what's left? It just feels like I will never escape Charlotte. I know I'm being dramatic. It's not like I live in Darfur. But I want out. I can't stand waiting. I think I'm going to research the whole rental route. It can't hurt to look into the costs of a management company and the likelihood of finding a great renter. Right? *sigh*

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Shannon said...

My husband and I would like to move...we need a little more room and want more outside space. But we know we couldn't get what we'd need to out of our current home so for now we're staying put! It's definitely a buyers' market...tough for sellers! Fingers crossed that you get just the right buyer SOON!