Monday, May 4, 2009

Nominate This

OMFG, my baby is SIX MONTHS old, and I totally forgot to update my blog with pictures and such to mark the day. To add insult to injury, he has teeth now and I have not been able to get a picture of the little protrusions. Every time he opens his mouth (or "nibbles" on my hand), it freaks me out to see those two gleaming white nubs. Who decided my kid should get teeth this soon? I was a toothless-wonder until almost a year of age! It's all happening so fast, and I still haven't even written one thing in his baby book. I guess the Mother-of-the-Year award committee will be skipping my house this year.

Perhaps I'll get my act together and post pictures later in the week. Maybe I can get some good "teeth" shots after his 6-month check-up when his all loopy from the shots. I'm sure he'll be crying.


Beckers said...

Good lord, he has TWO teeth coming in?

Okay, 'fess up: Ben is on steroids, isn't he? ;)

Stacy said...

Is dosing illegal in toddlers? Hmm, I wasn't aware of the official view on that. Just trying to make a little football player, and earn my millions. :)

PfuzzyHead said...

Perhaps he's a vampire =) Um, is all happening waay to fast and you're not the only one the mother of year committee will be skipping. I have not documented anything about my child on paper-but he does exist!

PfuzzyHead said...

oh crap...that was me, Brianne...logged in as josh.