Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The paperwork is signed and the house is listed. Finally. I still have to take some interior shots for the realtor to upload and print fliers up, but we're almost there. I just have to clean up the house, again, and take some totally de-cluttered photos. You know, because my house is always so clean and de-cluttered. NOT! (And yes, I totally just brought "not" back...you're welcome.) I am just happy to be listed. This is progress people. Sure, we need a buyer, but baby steps, baby steps. So, know anyone that needs a great little house in Charlotte? It's a great deal! Or someone who would want to rent for a year or two? We'd be open to that. I am so ready to move back "home" to the RDU area. I gotta get back before Ben's future wife is born!

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