Friday, June 11, 2010

Join Me

Okay, I promise not to turn this blog into an all Stella & Dot site, all the time. However, summer is a big time for us, so I will be updating ya'll on specials and such. For those of you that hear the updates all the time from me, pardon the programming interruption - I will get back to grumbling again shortly!

If you ever have the need for extra money - be it just some fun cash for shopping or some serious cash that will afford you an entirely new lifestyle - joining Stella & Dot just become that much cooler! We have an amazing new stylist sign-up incentive for June, which allows you up to $950 in free jewelry. You will immediately receive $450 when you sign-up, and are eligible for an additional $500 when you launch yourself prior to July 10th and attend our HOOPLA event. I won't go into all the deets here, but if you've ever been interested in becoming a stylist NOW is the time. In fact, I'm super jealous that this special wasn't going on when I signed up in March. Super jealous!!

For me, I needed an outlet. I needed to feel like I was something more than just a mom. Staying at home with my son has been a privelege, but I missed working. I missed the excitement, the people, the money, and the sense of accomplishment when I hit my goals. Becoming a stylist has allowed me to earn extra income, put my brain to use again, and meet some great women. I've never been all joiner-joiny, but I really have loved the fellow stylists I have met through Stella & Dot. Joining is a decision I will never regret, especially since Stella & Dot allows you to make this career what you want - 1 party a month, 10 parties a month, or just join for the great stylist discount - it's your time, your career. It's nice to know that I can be a top-earner or I can just be a hobbyist and do what I can, when I can.  

So, if you'd be interested in learning more - or already know you want to become a stylist - shoot me a message and let's chat. Hey, I'll even be your sponsor, and you know how much fun I am!

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