Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giveaway, Hooray!

Happy Fourth of July! In honor of the holiday, I wanted to try a little something new and do a giveaway!

I am having an "e-party" for my loyal customers during the next two weeks!! Start your summer off with a bang! Whether you shop our awesome “Summer Style for a Steal” sale or you fancy some of our new shimmering gold and pearl pieces that were just released, find the perfect pieces to compliment your summer wardrobe or amaze your friends with the best birthday gifts ever.

When you place an order, you will be entered to win the hostess rewards (free jewelry!) from this party. Hostess rewards are a % of the trunk show sales, which you can then spend on jewelry of your choice. Plus you’ll receive ½ price items as well!

And don’t forget to shop the new little girl's line, it is precious!!!

To participate in the giveaway, shop www.stelladot.com/stacyhawken between now and July 14th and choose “Sparkles Giveaway” as the trunk show hostess. Each person that shops the trunk show will receive an entry to win. Anyone who shops and then also books a trunk show* for July 2010 will receive a second entry to win (double your chances!).

Please feel free to forward this email or post this to your blogs, twitter or facebook accounts. The more the merrier, and the more rewards to be won!
Have a fun weekend!


Stacy Hawken

*Trunk shows that have been previously booked will not be entered in this giveaway.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Hey- where do I find the sparkles thingy? I want to order the pearl with black flower necklace.

Stacy said...

If you place an order, you'll just go online to my e-boutique (www.stelladot.com/stacyhawken) and click the item you'd like. When you add it to your cart, it should prompt you to enter the name of your hostess, "Sparkles Giveaway." Click on that hostess and shop away. When you check out online, it will take credit card payment (visa, mastercard or american express). If you'd like to buy by cash or check, then you'll have to tell me what items you'd like and then I'll tell you the total and you'll mail me the payment. When I receive payment, I'll place the order.

Camryn said...

I am SO glad I was born a girl! This stuff is so fun! I love getting into girly things. Boys have sports--girls have the whole frickin world! Lol. :)

Cute, cute stuff!

Thanks for stopping by my place! I love making new friends! :)

Stacy said...

Love your site Camryn, so cute and I am a part of the Mean Mommy Universe! :)

Stacy said...

FYI - For any of you planning to shop the giveaway, I just got a heads-up that our Style For A Steal items will be marked down an additional 20% as of July 2nd through the 9th. So, order those pieces during that time and save an extra 20%!! Awesome!!