Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Attack of the Bleh

So, I've been in a real funk lately. I think the time change and weather are really getting me down. I'm just so bleh all the time. I just want to sleep, eat, watch America's Next Top Model, and then sleep some more. I'm sure it's just my old friend SAD* creeping up, but it feels so much more bleh-y this year.

I hear you thinking "why is she complaining. everyone goes through this. just shut up already Ms. Whiny McWhinesalot," but really the bleh is taking control. Let me share some examples...I still have not unpacked from Thanksgiving (which was great fun by the way) so my clothes, shoes, etc. are just all over the floor, dresser, and bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, they are filthy - heck, the whole house is filthy - and it bothers me, but I'm just too bleh to do anything about it. We need to go grocery shopping, but I just don't care. Instead, I choose to eat random mixes of crap and get fat. Seriously, I ate popcorn with 1/4 of a bag of shredded cheddar cheese poured over it for dinner last night. Odd, but filling. I need to regain focus on my kick-butt and lose weight program, but instead I just eat and sleep. So, I'm slowly but surely packing on the winter weight. Winter weight that I know is coming, and that I know I need to avoid, and that I know is making me more bleh but it's like a freight train I can't stop. Oh, and let's not even talk about work and how I need to really focus there because December, she's a bitch who's ready to fight and she's calling my name, but I'm all bleh, money who needs it.

And now I'm too bleh to try and wrap this up and make it sound less whiny and pathetic. So, there you go. I'm off to sleep for 10 hours, maybe that will help. Probably not.

*SAD is "seasonal affective disorder" for those of you not in the know.


Anonymous said...

I think I've been the same way too..that's why I am trying to do fun stuff a lot like bringing in my little Christmas tree. We'll have fun cuddling Cooper and petting the zebras tomorrow though! We also should do an Olive Garden lunch at Northlake during the holidays! That would be fun and festive!

Beckers said...

Poor Stacy. :( Wish I could share some of my Reverse SAD, because I am looooving the cooler weather! Glad to read that volunteering and HD TVs are perking you up a bit, though.