Thursday, November 29, 2007

There's a New Colby on the Scene

Colby was our intern at work this summer, and she's such a sweetheart. She's all of 19 years old, gorgeous, and has this amazing voice. Seriously, I just know the sky is the limit for this girl.
Sure, you haven't heard of her, but you will one day. So here is your chance to get a sneak peak. You can log on to her website by clicking on "The Amazingly Gifted Colby Bell" to the right under Say What?!?

Do yourself a favor, log on, listen to her song and then you can say "I was listening to her before she won her first Grammy."

1 comment:

breezy said...

I haven't listened to her songs...she's adorable...I've had 2 martini's tonight and you know how I get. I just started thinking...why is "Colby" a cute name and if she was ugly I would think "Colby" was a weird name. Also, if my kid was cute and her name was "Mozzerella" or "Muenster" would it be a cool (or should I say cheese-no pun intended, though i'm proud i'm punny) for thought! Don't hate me Colby!