Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Why does naming your blog create such anxiety? Is it just me? I was so stressed trying to think of something clever and yet effortless. So, the nerd that I am decided to borrow from a book. I am obsessed with anything related to Henry VIII. I'm not so much interested in the King himself, but instead the craziness of that period which saw 8 Queens of England. My favorite has always been Anne Boleyn...for many reasons. But chiefly, her personal motto:

That's how it's going to be, however much people may grumble.

I think it was very appropriate for her reign, as people did grumble - all the way until her beheading. I admire her "kiss my ass" attitude. And so, a name for a blog.


Josh said...

I dig the quote. I was unfamiliar with it, but I love that era too. You are such the good nerd to pique the interest of another nerd!

Stacy said...

Well, I'm glad you're able to break away from your studies to read my little blog.

You should totally have one! And your wife too! You could do a family one and call it "Stop Starin"....hehe, I crack myself up!

Beckers said...

I like the title. :)