Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Wahoo! This week is finally over! This has been the longest, busiest, most annoying week of the year. The only highlights have been a) our team lunch at PF Chang's (thanks lettuce wraps!), b) pre-birthday lunch (thanks Melissa!), c)Tyler's cocktail party (thanks vodka!), and d) my delicious cupcakes (thanks buford betty!). I literally ate cupcakes for breakfast this morning because I could tell it was going to be that kind of day; and, it was.

Tomorrow we leave for a whirlwind tour of Bur-Vegas, Durham, and Charlotte. It'll be a busy few days off, and we're cramming every minute full with visits. We have our annual girls' Christmas gathering (plus hubbies) on Saturday night, family visits on Sunday, and a random lunch with my girls from high school on Monday. Awaiting me when we return are Brooke and Courtney, just in time for my birthday. It'll be a busy week. Oh, and I'm super excited about New Year's....but more on that when the time approaches. (Hopefully I'll have some funny photos to share!)

I am most looking forward to giving my parents their gift from us and my sis. We got the Wii! They have no clue. We told them it was sold out (not a lie), and that we couldn't find one for less than $800 (small lie). We're making them open it tomorrow so we can take full advantage of our Wii playing time. I can't wait to kick my dad's but at bowling, and knock my mom out in boxing. Good times!

Here's hoping your holidays are full of fun too!

(Next week - learn about drinking and eating way too much and how that can affect your pants. Here's the secret: they shrink and do their best to make you look fat. Damn pants!)


Beckers said...

My pants did that, too—and right after the office holiday party (i.e., the day when I ate nothing but various forms of chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack). Tricksy pants…

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, dearie! Can't wait to see you on NYE.

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are really good! It's pretty bad when the owner of the restaurant asks if she can have one too!!! Loved it! Thought Buford Betty would enjoy that!

Mean Tyler didn't bring in the leftover cupcakes! And yes, I was looking for them!

It's almost Christmas! yay!