Saturday, December 1, 2007

37 Inches

So, I got home last night and my Christmas/Birthday present had arrived and J decided to set it up. What's my combo gift you may ask? A flatscreen television with HD TV.

*Cool gift? yes.
*A gift for me? supposedly.
*Secretly a gift for my husband? yes.
*Am I letting him think that I don't know it was a gift for him under the guise of my christmas/birthday? yes.

It's 37 inches of liquid crystal, baby! Last night he had it on football, and I immediately changed the channel to which he replied "Hey, I was watching that!" Unfortunately for him, I have the ultimate trump card - "But, I thought it was my present?" Gotcha!


Beckers said...

Oh, but football looks so good in HD! With surround sound? Damn. Seriously, give it a try: you might like it!

Welcome to the world of high-definition, baby. :) (Although I have to point out that your gift is not complete unless he also upgraded your TiVo to the HD model!)

I love that you've turned James "I don't need cable" Hawken into a full-on TV-watching, well, guy. Love it.

Stacy said...

Yes, the TiVo will be upgraded on Saturday to HD. :) I'm still not giving in on football...I can't change my stripes, I hate sports!

cindyloohoo said...

Wow...saw the title of the post and got REALLY excited! haha...
Congrats on graduating to HD World- it really will make you much more addicted to watching tv.

So when are you going to convince Tara it's a good idea to come to Chi-town for a girls weekend. Twin power all the way, right?

Stacy said...

We should totally do that! I've never been to Chicago, but I know I'd love it! And I know Tara loved it...hmm, I'll have to start planning something. I'd come in the winter - but too cold, and summers are too hot - so we'll have to come when it's just right. Hehe. Or, it could be fun to go in's not like we're getting a winter this year in NC. Stupid global warming!