Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shark Test

Is anyone else disappointed with the new seasons of returning shows this fall? I feel like a lot of great shows may have jumped the shark, so to speak.

House: I loved the 2-hour season premiere when House was in the nutter. I really wish that they would have played that out a bit longer into the season. Now that he's back at the hospital and being "nicer," it's just boring. Something is missing. And I am so over the 13 and Forman "on-again, off-again" love story. I honestly don't care if they date or don't date, just make a decision and stick with it. And even though the old gang is back together for a bit, they've lost their spark. They need to introduce a love interest, not Cuddy, for House - how about 13? That would spice it up a bit. Overall, I'm bored.

Law & Order SVU: Does everyone look a lot older this season? Maybe it's the HD, but folks are looking rough. And what the hell is up with Christine Lahti, the new DA? God, she looks the worst of all. She is so irritating, bitchy, and angry. And why does she have a hard-on for Stabler? Thank goodness her last episode was tonight. The storylines this season have been weak as well, which is odd because SVU is usually the strongest of the Law & Order franchise. Also, whatever happened to the Benson/Stabler love interest from 2 seasons ago? Benson just got over it? Come on, you know she's still carrying a torch. Gimme back my old SVU!

NCIS: Okay, we get it, Ziva is a bad-ass and she has issues with her dad, with trust, and with her feelings. Can we move on now? Also, can we just cut the tension and have she and Tony get it on already? And why have the episodes so far had so little Abby? Hello, she's only the best character on the show. Get back to the basics NCIS.

Ghost Whisperer: We all know how much I love Jennifer Love Hewitt and this show, but this season is a little lacking. First, why the speed forward on the kid? Last season she was preggo, and then this season flash forward to a 5-year old? I get it, it's hard to do stories about the kid's special powers when he's an infant - but still it's odd to all of a sudden have this 5-year old wandering about. I guess it would have been nice to have seen more before the flash forward. Second, so is Jim just Jim again? Melinda is calling him Jim in front of everyone and in public and there have been no more "Sam" cameos. So, does everyone just think Jim came back to life (not likely) or is Jim still Sam but she just calls him Jim and no one outside of her circle thinks it's odd that she calls her new hubby by her dead hubby's name? Third, where's Camryn Manheim? She's been on so little and I miss her!! Fourth, Melinda is rarely at the store anymore - who's minding the store? Fifth, if we have jumped 5 years would Camryn's kid really be in college? Wasn't he like 15/16 last season, so this season he should at minimum be a senior in college not a freshman...right? Sixth, the storylines have been a little weak. I mean the big reveal last week was that Jamie Kennedy's mom was a lesbian. Really?

Dollhouse: I was looking very forward to the second season, and so far I've been disappointed. It's just boring. Thank goodness for more Topher and "whedon-isms" but the storylines have been so formulaic. Echo has an assignment, something goes wrong with assignment, Echo goes quirky and yet still fixes it, Echo gets wiped but isn't forgetting anything... Where is the meat Joss?? Where is the action?? I'm holding out hope that it picks up this week.

I have been watching Flash Forward, and was very impressed by the first episode. However, the last few episodes have been a downer. So, I'll give it a season but it needs to get back to the first episode awesome-ness. And Nip/Tuck is back this week, so I can't wait to see what craziness they serve up this season. Nip/Tuck always delivers!

Thank goodness for new shows like Glee and Modern Family. If you're not watching Glee, then you suck. Seriously, watching Glee just feels my heart with joy. And Modern family is great, well the gay couple on Modern Family is great...the rest is just filling. I honestly wish the whole show was centered around the gay couple because they crack my ass up.


Beckers said...
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Beckers said...

Okay. House: I was disappointed with the first episode only because I expected too much from it. I had visions of the show focusing on a successful doctor trying to deal with late-onset schizophrenia. But no, House isn't actually mentally ill (aside from being an addict); those pesky hallucinations just went away with the Vicodin. (Yeah right.) And I almost turned off the show during that cheesy sex scene; I was hoping it was a hallucination, but no. So yeah, I was disappointed—until I remembered that it's just a medical thriller and realized that I had expected too much. So I lowered my expectations, and I'm trying to just enjoy the show for what it is.

Re: Dollhouse, I haven't even watched it this season. I watched the entire first season out of some kind of loyalty to Joss Whedon, but I lost interest sometime over the summer. (My abiding hatred of Eliza Dushku didn't help matters, either.)

Re: Glee, I hung out with the musical theater geeks all through high school. They regularly grated on my nerves back then, so I'm sure as hell not gonna watch a show about them now. Also, I'm generally uninterested in shows about high schoolers. (Yes, I love MSCL, but I was in h.s. when the show came out; I own the DVDs for nostalgic reasons, not because I really relate to the characters now.)

In other TV news, the NBC show Community is pretty cute. I recommend checking it out.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Um also, Melinda used to have the best sweet/vintage wardrobe. But latey she wears this sex kitten stuff with mega high heels. And does Sam/Jim's family know about the switch-a-roo?