Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I feel bad that I haven't posted but this house is a bit under the weather. Well, Ben is under the weather and we're just all catering to his needs. Poor bugger has a virus that I am sure he caught at Gymboree (or Germboree as my corny husband likes to call it). In fact, I am pretty sure that I heard one of the mom's saying that she hadn't been to last week's class because her son, Jacoby, had been ill. Well, he was still snotting and sneezing all over the equipment, so maybe she shouldn't have brought him back just yet. Argh! I know, I know, germs are normal and even good. Kids need to build up their defenses by getting sick, etc., etc. But since Ben is a stay-at-home kid, he's only been sick once and that was when he was 3 months old (also after an interaction with other kids)...so is it selfish of me to want to keep my healthy baby all to myself and not deal with the sickies!?! Sure, he's only snotty, sneezy, whiny, sleepy and fevery (hehe, 5 of the "sick" 7 dwarves), but it's hard to watch him feel so miserable. This is a kid who is always into everything and constantly willing to eat anything he can get his hands on. Now, he's whimpering and we're having to force him to eat and drink. Not to mention that I just hate having to check his temperature...rectally...ouch. Sigh, I'm just whining. This is part of motherhood and I've been lucky he's been well all year and that he's not sick with anything more serious. I don't know how people handle it when their kids truly have something horrible wrong with them. On the positive side, I do get a lot more snuggles...mainly because he's too sluggish to escape. I'll take 'em when I can get 'em.

On a side note, does anyone else think Jacoby is a stupid name? I apologize in advance to anyone with a kid, nephew, grandson, etc. named Jacoby...but it sounds silly to me. Was Jacob not good enough?

On another note, when I go to these classes I really notice that Ben is seriously so much cuter than the other kids. Really, he is. Does everyone else think that when they take their kid to class too? If my kid was funny looking, would I notice? Cause some of these kids are funny looking. Yes, I'm mean and shallow - judging toddlers...tsk, tsk.


Beckers said...

1. Germboree, hee. Your corny husband makes me chuckle.
2. Jacoby better not be giving Benji the damn swine flu!
3. Jacoby is a damn stupid name.
4. "Does everyone else think that when they take their kid to class too?" Yes. Yes, they do. But I can tell you, from an outside perspective, that Ben is both subjectively and objectively cute. :)

Breezy said...

Ah, James and I have the same humor ;) I LOVE Germboree. I was very concerned that you weren't going to address the ridiculousness of the name "jacoby" from the moment you mentioned it. Really? I mean, even if it's just a nickname to call him (just adding a "y") it's still dumb. I know we call Connor "noofus", but that's waaay cooler than Jacoby (let me have my delusions). It reminds me of hearing a lady call her daughter "Sissah" (her older child-a boy-couldn't pronounce "sister") I get that it's kinda cute that the kid couldn't say "sister", but lady, you're 30 something with no speech impediments...say "SISTER" or call her by her real name! People are dumb.

Tara said...

You crack me up stace, yes, jacoby is odd. I do feel partial to all my friends having the most adorable babies! So... I cant really say anything. All of you have had such wonderful, cute babies.

Mom said...

So glad Ben is better, just now read this comment. You are lucky you are able to stay at home with Ben, but the sickies will come whenever you take him to school or day care so there is no avoiding it. I agree Jacoby is silly, but then I am not a fan of Benji either... and yes, all parents think their child is beautiful but as a Mother of two beautiful kids I cannot answer if they realize their kid may not be as pretty as some....you have no worries you too have a beautiful baby!

Mom said...

by the way, happy 3rd wedding anniversary Stacy & James!