Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grown Ups

I just have to take a minute to vent about how immature people can be and how sick I am of it! I am involved in planning a baby shower for my bestie, and I am working with another few of her besties and her sister. The sister and I were meeting tonight to go over all of her wonderful ideas, since she's really creating the vision and we're helping her achieve it. During our discussion, it basically came out that the old HS bestie doesn't want to work with me and other college bestie in the planning process and would prefer to only deal with the sister. Are you f*cking kidding me?! People, we are 30 years old. This is your alleged best friend since high school and you can't bother to email or converse with me about the planning of her first baby shower? Really mature. It is taking all I have not to send her a nasty "grow the hell up" email.

This isn't the first time I've encountered her immature and selfish ways. She pulled the same crap when it came to the wedding showers and bachelorette party. It's not just that she wants to be the leader and center of attention, but it's that she also complains to the mom-to-be about everything. For example, we were originally doing two showers - one hometown/family, one home of the mom/dad-to-be. My friend and I were hosting the home of the mom-to-be, and the sis and HS bestie were hosting the hometown/family shower. Well, HS bestie emails mom-to-be and complains that she "didn't know she was getting stuck with the grandmas" and that she wished she was throwing the fun party. Are you serious? First, why are you complaining? If you are the best friend, do your job and act like it! Second, you live in the hometown. Why wouldn't you be hosting the family party? And you grew up with her family, so why would "being with the grandmas" be so bad?

So this sparked an upheaval and now we are doing one big shower. Honestly, I am fine either way - I am just happy to be participating and be involved in the shower. It's just beyond annoying that HS bestie won't deign to speak to me or the other college bestie, and yet she feels like none of her ideas are being heard. Hello!? How can we hear your ideas if you won't bother to speak with us. Needless to say, I am not to happy about this person and am not looking forward to seeing her at the shower. However I will keep it to myself and keep the mom-to-be out of it! She should be enjoying these last few months of pregnancy and not dealing with useless drama.

So apparently HS bestie spent the weekend with mom-to-be and yet again brought up issues about the shower planning. WTH? On Friday, I sent out the invite preview and she replied through her intermediary (i.e. mom-to-be's sister) that she didn't want her name on the invite. Seriously? And then she grumbles to mom-to-be about this and told her she didn't feel the need to be included on the invite because her sister clearly has the shower planned out and she's just going to be bringing a few dishes of food. So then mom-to-be emails us and is paranoid that her sister isn't working well with us as a team. This is so not an issue and honestly if it was, it's not something that mom-to-be would need to know about anyway. Us college besties know how to work as a team and are not having major issues like this, why can't this chick grow up? Argh!!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Don't you think that group showers with non besties is the grown up version of a group project in hs or worse, a group paper in college? There are the doers (us) and the complainers who do nothing but get all the credit just to prevent a meltdown. I have a theory (or really I guess its more of an opinion) that social maturity ends in jr high. How you behave in 7th grade is how you will behave forever.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a b*tch! TEAM STACY!!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I say send her the "grown the hell up" email!