Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The joys of parenting are numerous. Let me share a recent conversation between myself and J regarding our darling son.

From bewildered me to his loving father:
I am not lying when I tell you that I just yakked in my mouth while changing ben's poop. The nastiest, messiest, smelliest diaper ever. Disgusting! It's thrown away and I can still smell it. I may burn the house down.
From his doting father to astonished me:

These are the moments that define our lives- this is indeed your finest hour. As Winston Churchill once said- "Never in the course of our history has so much been done by so few". He was not talking about beating Hitler- it was his vision into the future.... of Ben's poopy diaper. Luv U.
Ah yes, becoming a parent really expands your world. I never knew how much I could discuss my son's poop. I know you're glad I shared.


Stacy said...

This post was for you Beckers. I know you love when parents share poop stories. :)

Beckers said...

Ha, yes—"love" is exactly the word I would use. Totally. ;)