Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Letter

I know Willow Smith is all the rage on the tween music scene, but I think that these young ladies may have something more profound to offer than "Whip My Hair."

These girls are so well-spoken and have such a good message. I would love to see the girls and their parents on Oprah, along with Lil' Wayne, for an open discussion about how the words we use carry weight and influence others. I'd watch.

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Stacy said...

1) I actually like Willow Smith and find "Whip My Hair" fun, especially to work out to...
2) I like Lil' Wayne (and a lot of other rappers) but as a parent, and especially thinking if I were a parent of a little girl, the messages in a lot of rap songs are not presenting a good view towards women.
3) Lesson, don't listen to rap in front of your kids.

Don't have to qualify my post, but I know my friends are going to be like - who is she kidding? She loves rap and hip-hop. True.