Thursday, December 27, 2007

December 27

Honestly, I don't know why I'm surprised anymore. It's always this way. I wake up and have high expectations for the day, and then wham, it's just another day. December birthdays suck. Period.

Also, 29 is so smarmy. 29 is all "it's your last year, enjoy it!" Every day 29 just mocks you. Stupid 29. I already hate you.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Wahoo! This week is finally over! This has been the longest, busiest, most annoying week of the year. The only highlights have been a) our team lunch at PF Chang's (thanks lettuce wraps!), b) pre-birthday lunch (thanks Melissa!), c)Tyler's cocktail party (thanks vodka!), and d) my delicious cupcakes (thanks buford betty!). I literally ate cupcakes for breakfast this morning because I could tell it was going to be that kind of day; and, it was.

Tomorrow we leave for a whirlwind tour of Bur-Vegas, Durham, and Charlotte. It'll be a busy few days off, and we're cramming every minute full with visits. We have our annual girls' Christmas gathering (plus hubbies) on Saturday night, family visits on Sunday, and a random lunch with my girls from high school on Monday. Awaiting me when we return are Brooke and Courtney, just in time for my birthday. It'll be a busy week. Oh, and I'm super excited about New Year's....but more on that when the time approaches. (Hopefully I'll have some funny photos to share!)

I am most looking forward to giving my parents their gift from us and my sis. We got the Wii! They have no clue. We told them it was sold out (not a lie), and that we couldn't find one for less than $800 (small lie). We're making them open it tomorrow so we can take full advantage of our Wii playing time. I can't wait to kick my dad's but at bowling, and knock my mom out in boxing. Good times!

Here's hoping your holidays are full of fun too!

(Next week - learn about drinking and eating way too much and how that can affect your pants. Here's the secret: they shrink and do their best to make you look fat. Damn pants!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Shrinking Violet

Oh yes, I'm looking at you. Aren't I just too much? I wore my fancy tiara and pearls just for the season. Who says a turtle can't come to Christmas? I'm too pretty not to be on the tree.

Guppy Love

I bought three great new ornaments this year from my favorite little store at the Lake, Anthology, and these are my favorite! Kissing bride & groom fish! They are so freaking cute, and I love the magnetic glitter lips! They are hand-painted by a local artist (supposedly), and I bought another from her collection....which you can see tomorrow. Oooh, the anticipation!

All Decked Out

So earlier when I said "So here's my tree and my wreath," I forgot the tree part. Here it is. It's much prettier in person. I think next year I'm going to add some ribbon and some purple ornaments. It needs a bright pop of color.

Pardon me while I whine....

Can I just say that I hate global warming and this stupid unseasonably warm winter we are having. It's December and the high is 79 today. Yesterday I was actually sweating. December...which is winter! Argh! I live in NC because I enjoy all 4 seasons....I do not want a sunny winter. I want a cold, dark, slight chance of snow winter. Where am I going to wear all the cute jackets and sweaters I bought for this season?

J and I are going to Asheville this weekend for our belated anniversary weekend, and I was hoping I'd at least get some cold weather there since it is the mountains. But no, has informed me that the highs there over the next few days are in the 60s, with a chance of cold weather on Sunday when we leave.

People let's take care of this planet so that we can wear super cute winter coats, buy fun boots, bring out the tights, and gain a layer of winter fat to keep us warm and cozy. I think that's the message Al Gore forgot in his movie. Screw the polar bears and penguins, this shit is messing with my wardrobe!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Knock, knock...

I've been remiss in posting my holiday decorations in the house. I'm actually proud that we did all of our decorating the first weekend of December, which is super early for us. We're usually very last minute with anything related to Christmas decorating! But this year I made a point to get it done the first weekend, and then forgot to post photos (duh!). So, here's our tree....and my gorgeous wreath that Angie made. It makes me happy every time I drive up to the house.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Planting the Seed

So, I have been debating with myself about whether to talk about this on the blog or not. On the one hand, this is my outlet for talking about things that I am excited about, that I am pissed about, that I am anxious get the point. But, to make public my little secret, well that invites lots of commentary - and I'm not sure if I'm ready for commentary. So, as long as you all promise to keep my little secret plan a secret and not chatter too much about it, then I will share and keep you updated on..........Project Seed Pod.

**Warning: If you read ahead, be prepared for talk of girly parts.**

Technically Project Seed Pod has been going on for a few months, but my efforts are intensifying as we go into month 3. Why you say? Well, because I have finally figured out when I am ovulating. So, now I am going in with a game plan:

Step 1: Lots o' lovin over the next two weeks
Step 2: Take daily multi-vitamin
Step 3: Mention nothing to the parents, so that they do not go into over-drive

So, wish me luck! I have been so bummed the last few months when Aunt Flow came to visit. It's so funny, for most of your sex life you are so focused on NOT getting pregnant. Now that J and I have finally come to the decision to go for it, it's the only thing I can think of and of course the thing that isn't happening. It's not like I'm freaking out or anything, it's only been a few months. But I am so excited about being a mom, especially during the holidays. I seriously cannot watch most commercials right now without getting teary eyed. Everything right now is all about family, and it just makes me ache to start making memories with our own family!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

37 Inches

So, I got home last night and my Christmas/Birthday present had arrived and J decided to set it up. What's my combo gift you may ask? A flatscreen television with HD TV.

*Cool gift? yes.
*A gift for me? supposedly.
*Secretly a gift for my husband? yes.
*Am I letting him think that I don't know it was a gift for him under the guise of my christmas/birthday? yes.

It's 37 inches of liquid crystal, baby! Last night he had it on football, and I immediately changed the channel to which he replied "Hey, I was watching that!" Unfortunately for him, I have the ultimate trump card - "But, I thought it was my present?" Gotcha!