Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Worrying Week 5 Away

A few of you have asked me why I haven't posted since the big announcement....I got nothing. I still really am just in shock that I'm pregnant. It's not like I look pregnant (besides the crazy sore and swollen boobs), and I think that makes it hard to comprehend and digest. It's all just so surreal still!

But, I am bloated like a champ. Seriously, I have like 2 pairs of work pants that still fit comfortably (you know, my formerly fat pants) - and I literally wore one pair of them 4 days out of 5 last week. Sorry co-workers, I'm usually stylish but I feel stupid going out to buy new clothes for this in-between stage.

I'm also paranoid that I'm going into this pregnancy too fat already. I'm like 15 (probably more) pounds heavier than I should be, so when I read all the pregnancy books I'm already in the "overweight" category. I know I shouldn't worry about this, but it does stress me out. Not to mention the fact that the OBGYN told me on the first visit that I shouldn't gain more than 20-25 pounds total. I feel like I should be eating healthier than ever right now and totally trying to exercise daily, so that I don't become a big fat pregnant monster. I mean, I shouldn't even show until like what month 4 or 5? It doesn't help to see all these pregnant hollywood types who weigh as much as I do on a skinny day when they are at full term. I know, it's silly, and I should totally not give a shit - but it is in the back of my head nagging at me.

Mostly, I have horrible heartburn and acid reflux. Oddly, I am craving salty foods and eating the heck out of chips and salsa - I know this doesn't help the reflux, but it's so yummy. I'm also nauseous and dizzy in the mornings and at night - I guess it's the beginnings of morning sickness. I threw up for the first time today - wahoo! But I think it was more from the acid reflux, than true nausea. I'm also way more tired than ever - especially in the afternoons around 3pm. I get home from work and nap, eat dinner, and then go to bed super early. So, dilemma - where to fit in the working out. See, this is why I'm slightly stressed.

I'm going to eat more chips...they're organic and have protein. Little Lima Bean needs lots of protein...also worrisome, since I'm not typically a big protein person. See, so much to worry about!!


CindyLooHoo said...

OK, take a deep breath.

First of all, you have accomplished the hardest part- in recognizing that there should be limits.

DO NOT however, cut back on the napping!! When will you ever get to truly "nap" again, other then when you are barely shutting your eyes the same time as "Lima".

I also will not discourage you from the chips and salsa- we really are 2 peas in a pod. (This comment is beginning to have too many bean references:)
That is my craving all the time and I am not even with child!!! (Have you tried the verde salsa from Qdoba- OMG!!! Sorry- got distracted:)
This comment is beginning to have too many bean references:)

Please do not worry about this whole weight issue. You are beautiful, and I know you will look great as your belly grows! Remember- it counts as exercise to go up the stairs to your room!! :)

Stacy said...

Thanks, yes - the logical part of me knows that I am doing the right thing - eating healthy and exercising when I can. It's not like it's a contest, but you don't want to be the pregnant as a whale girl...and it's in my genes to become I'm paranoid. I'll get over it. Hell, I just ordered a pizza - so clearly, I'm not that worried. :)

Breezy said...

I have thought about this as well...I mean I already blow up huge time during "that time of the month". And I mean blow up! Belly pokes out waaay far and pants don't fit. Stupid, I mean lovely, progesterone (it is an important little bugger). From what I've read some people "show" right away...meaning they stay bloated. I fear this will be me one day as well. Oh well, it won't really matter once that baby is in your arms. Stay healthy, but don't "give in" sometimes and eat whatever the freak you want!
PS-Thanks for posting!

Breezy said...

So I need to clarify now weeks later...that comment was supposed to say "don't forget to 'give in' and eat whatever the freak you want". I left out the very important "forget" how ironic that I forget "forget".

jennai said...

I have thought about this as well I mean i already blow up huge time to save it