Monday, February 4, 2008

Vicious Circle

Update on Project Seed Pod, in case anyone cares - besides me. I went to the girly doctor today, so much fun. My cycle has varied from 23 to 32 days - not good. We're going to keep tracking my cycle, and she thinks that things will even out. Apparently she believes stress over the last few months has made my cycle go wonky.

Stress is apparently preventing me from getting pregnant. Stress causes me to eat more, which causes me to gain weight. My recent weight gain is not helping me to get pregnant. I'm stressed because I'm not pregnant. Oh stress, what a wicked web you weave!

The doc won't even discuss infertility issues until August (when it's an official year). Argh, I hate this waste of time and all the waiting. In the interim, I should have sex every other day until mid-month. I should be more excited about that than I am. Instead, it feels like work. Making a baby is just hard work. All this work is making me stressed.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention work is a barrel of laughs these days.

Hang in there my friend :).

Breezy said...

I know...I hate stress...I keep waiting to hear if it's like eggs. You know, every few years the rule about eggs changes, some years they are good for you, some years bad...I wish stress was good for something!

Beckers said...

I'm sorry, sweetie. It must be frustrating to work on a "project" that requires waiting 28 days between updates! *hugs*

Buford Betty said...

I'm right there with ya! Going on 2.5 years of trying now, so you know you can email me if you ever need to grumble. ;-)