Friday, February 22, 2008

Blurred Vision

Update on Project Seed Pod - This is an actual email transcript from February 21st:
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From: Stacy
To: Miss Breezy
Sent: Thu Feb 21 05:05:25 2008
Subject: ?

So, it's 5am and I just took ept test. Can see very faint shadow of second line which forms the plus. Is this a shadow? Am I seeing things? Does it count?

Argh! I've got 1 first response test I test again @ 7:30ish when I wake up? Will that test be valid since it's less than 4 hours between pee's?

I'm peeing again then to see what it says. Email more later!!
----- Original Message -----
From: Stacy
To: Miss Breezy
Sent: Thu Feb 21 07:11:03 2008
Subject: Re: ?

Second test, same as the first. Faint, but viewable, 2nd line. I made james look at both and he sees it to. Of course I'm upset though b/c his reaction was "go to the doctor. Let's not get all excited until you get official word from the doctor."
Wow, thanks for the love, support and enthusiasm honey. It's so great being married to a rational thinker. Of course the gyno isn't open, and it
won't let me leave a message for some reason.

I think I'm going to call you now b/c I need to talk to someone who will at least say "fuck yeah they're lines. You're eggo is preggo!"

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amanda said...

yay!!! yay!!!! yay!!!! :) it's a yes!!!