Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pickle Me This

Okay, I think I have an eating disorder or something. Seriously, I'm out of control with the cravings. I just ate a whole 16-ounce jar of Kosher Dill Chips. Literally, just now, as a snack. I mean, I've always loved pickles - but a whole jar! That's like 70 dill chips, ya'll! And I cannot lie my friends, I would have drank all the pickle juice too if James hadn't come in and taken the jar away from me.

I bought a pregnancy test today to take tomorrow morning. So, either I'm pregnant or this is the worst PMS ever.



amanda said...

ok--well, I am nowhere close to being pregnant...and I definitely can do the same thing! I love pickles! Although, this is not an oddity for me, so...still keeping my fingers crossed for you! :) love you bunches!

Beckers said...

I once babysat for these girls who were obsessed with pickles. Their mother literally gave me instructions on how many pickles they were allowed to eat. They ate bowls of dill chips while watching TV, like other people eat popcorn. And they were allowed one whole dill pickle for "dessert" after dinner. It was bizarre.

Anyway, sorry—pickle flashback. Here's hoping this pickle incident was just foreshadowing future pickles-and-ice-cream cravings!

Stacy said...

Hmm, maybe I am just a crazy pickle eater. Oddly, I would eat more right now if I had them. Damn you kosher dill pickles and your sodium-laden goodness!

Anonymous said...

I love pickles! You are cracking me up this week!!! I love it :). We love you and hope for the best!

I liked your friend's blog!

I'm tenatively doing some Weight Watchers to get those holiday lbs(but NOT over my birthday). Did you know you can eat like 45 pretzel sticks for 2 pts?

OH! Ugly Betty will start up again in April with 5 new episodes; Pushing Daises is back in teh fall.

Seeya tomorrow!!

Beckers said...

Nah, if you were just a "crazy pickle eater," I think the symptoms would have started in childhood. This sounds like a relatively new development for you. You've eaten some weird shit before—hello, Chick-Fil-A Polynesian sauce on baked potatoes!—but drinking pickle juice? Ew! I love that James caught you in the act. :)

P.S. Just had another pickle flashback: deep-fried pickles at Dixie's. YUM.

Stacy said...

Yum, deep-fried pickles with ranch. wow, how much worse can that "appetizer" be for you? And yet with beer, so good!

CindyLooHoo said...

OH MY!!! I will never forget my very first trip to Charlotte, when in that dark corner booth in a great bar, was I introduced to the most fantastic appetizer ever deep fried pickles!!!!

Now- on to more important's Thursday morning? Was there a pink line or what??????