Monday, October 20, 2008

Even Tara Is Ready

Dear Ben,
I really think you are being unreasonable. I mean, you can trick or treat next year. I think you are being unreasonable, that you are hell bent on being a halloween baby. I mean really, Do you want your birthday to always be on Halloween??? Then your birthday will always be smashed together with pumpkin cupcakes with orange icing and spider cupcakes. You will never be able to have any other fun birthday colors. Also, your birthday presents will end up being candy from all your friends. It is much better to come now. Auntie Tara would not lie to you.

P.S. Did I also mention that you will NEVER get a birthday party as you will have to trick or treat on EVERY BIRTHDAY- for like years!!!

love, auntie t-ann

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Breezy said...

However, Auntie Breezy thinks a Halloween birthday could be really you could always have dress up parties, cool creepy cakes and different themes each year. I personally like to dress up and would be happy to do so each year in celebration of "Ben-o-ween". Your family and aunties are definitely ready to meet you, but we know you'll come when you're good and ready...and if you wait too long, they'll just go in after you =) (the doctor's I mean!)