Monday, October 20, 2008

More Comments from Auntie & Uncle Floyd

Dear Ben-
All I have to say, is you already sound exactly like your mother and father. Smart, Witty, full of humor, and still down right stubborn. But, now that you mention decorating, we can make this work out for the both of us. However, I am not sure if your consultation with Joe the plumber was the best move. I might win, and you might just be coming out earlier than you thought!
Auntie Tara
Dear Ben,
I found great humor in your statement in regards to you reading more than Palin in utero. I have mentioned moving to Canada as well so I will be more than happy to accompany you when you decide to move.
As for remodeling, make sure not to take out any load-bearing walls and you should be ok.
Uncle Chris

1 comment:

paw paw said...

Dear Ben,

I've been known to remodel a few rooms!



PS-Sarah Palin is a hottie, but I won't be voting for her either!