Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carefree Days

We are on Day 5 of our Sippy Stand-off. We have an uneasy compromise going on right now. I take his Born Free sippy and top it with a nipple (thanks for the idea Breezy). He gets that in the morning and at night, the rest of the day is a battle. I finally found the Nuk sippy cup that Breezy suggested, and it seems to work the best. Of course I have to hold him like a baby and force him to drink it, but after a minute he seems to get that I'm not playing and drink more on his own. He still has yet to drink a whole serving of milk from any sippy (sans nipple). The kid has his convictions, but he has yet to realize that mommy will always win. I can wait him out.

Although, he doesn't have much longer to be babied because he's headed to daycare on Tuesday. I am so thrilled that he will be starting a 2-day program next week. We have decided upon Gateway Academy. J and I visited one location last week and liked their structure. While it was perfectly fine, I left with an uneasy feeling - like maybe I wasn't really ready for Ben to go to daycare at all. After visiting another location today, we are good to go. Ben seemed much more at ease with the caregivers and center directors. In fact when visiting the toddler room, he went right up to the table the kids were coloring at and started trying to take their away their pictures. Sure, not the best behavior, but at least he was interacting rather than shying away (as is his usual tactic). And I felt like we were both ready for this step. It's only two days a week, but it's a start. I am looking forward to his daily reports and seeing how much he learns from the other kiddos.

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Breezy said...

Yay Big Ben!! I'm sure he wasn't really "taking" their pictures away. Merely judging to see if the artistic capabilities of his new classmates were at par with his standards. Sounds as though everyone was pleased ;)