Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Can I just whine for a minute? I am so stressed out! They are laying off 11% of our company right now, and that includes sales staff. In fact, it includes like 25 of us. So that's a fun waiting game to deal with...and then I just found out that I'm being shifted from my current team (whom I love) to a new team in a totally different office, which is not close to my home at all. I've been really upset about this, and overly hormonal about it. Honestly, every time I think about it, I cry. The lamest analogy I can think of is it feels like I'm a senior in high school with 4 months to go before graduation, and my parents have just told me we're moving immediately. Yeah, kinda lame, I should be happy to still have a job, but it sucks. Oh, and then we just found out today that they are probably going to be changing our compensation plan as of August (and not for the better, of course). I feel like I'm in the "home stretch" of this pregnancy, and now everything is just totally breaking down at work. The stress of it all is really just pushing me to a breaking point. Obviously I am going to do everything I can to just hang in there for 120 more days, but I can't take this type of maintained stress level for that time period.

Oh, and to top off my day, I got home from work and heard our cat, Nixon, howling upstairs. This typically means that his curiosity got him locked in a room for the day since we close most of our upstairs rooms when we leave the house. And yes, J locked the cat in the guest room today - usually not a big deal. However, I guess Nixon's bladder couldn't handle it he peed all over the bed (not kidding, like 3 separate big spots). I wasn't happy about it, but what can you do. I went to get the sheets, down comforter, and blanket off and I hear a "plop"...yep, he pooped on the bed too. I broke down...I called J and told him "You locked the cat in the room. I'm pregnant. There's poop. It could kill the baby. I'm closing the door, and you're cleaning it when you get home." Nixon has since been crying and sulking all night because mommy was pissed at him and refused to pet or snuggle with him all night. Yes, my cat is not normal and must have our attention at all times. When he doesn't get this, he acts like a petulant 2-year old.

Thanks for letting me piss and moan. The point of my subject line "desserts" was that stressed spelled backwards is "desserts" - and have ya'll tried the Betty Crocker Warm Delights? OH MY GOD - so f*ing good! Seriously, I bought a few to try - and am addicted. You must try them! Today! Go some!


Beckers said...

Oh, sweetie—I'm so sorry you're having a shitty time at work. I totally understand re: the changing offices thing. That kind of change and upheaval would totally stress me out, too.

Now that you've had some time to recover from the pee/poop explosion, you should go and give Nixon a cuddle. I bet it'll make you both feel better.


Breezy said...

Um the desserts...totally awesome! I LOVE THEM, haven't had them in a while and I really appreciate you reminding me.
There should be some sort of law about stressing out pregnant women!

T-ann said...

Geez, I know you never called me back with update with work.. but I think I got it all now. Freakin sucks! Not the kind of crap you want to deal with anytime, but much less pregnant. UGHGH! DANG THEM! U are soo clever, desserts does spell stressed backwards! I guess this is why they go hand in hand. I am going to try these! oh, nixon.. do you want to come live with me??? I'll clean your poop (NOT, but chris will) and I will love you and snuggle you.
love, your pseudo mom

Buford Betty said...

Oh man... sorry you had a crappy day. And I'm so sorry about your job situation!! Hang in there, girl! :-)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I left you a little "recipe" on my blog today. Hope you and baby are both doing wel!