Monday, June 16, 2008

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

OMG, so I totally forgot the funniest thing from this weekend. After dinner Friday night, we were all driving home from the grocery and my dad and sister were all "you have to see this woman." So, my father proceeds to drive the whole shopping center parking lot to find this woman that we "had to see." Okay, she wasn't hidden, she was standing at a Wachovia in the middle of the shopping center and she was in plain sight near the bushes, not really hiding at all. Well, low and behold, the lady drops her pants and starts peeing against the wall. Totally hilarious and unexpected. Also, I'm pretty sure she had to have peed all over herself because she wasn't squatting, but standing to pee - which is pretty impossible when you're a woman.

PS - My sister and dad wanted us to see this lady because they were in shock at the size of her boobs and how gravity was treating them. Yes, we are a family that mocks random people for a good time on a Friday night. Feel free to judge us.

(Panda Bear feel free to comment on the hilarity of this sighting, since you were there and all...)

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Breezy said...

Hey...when people are judging you constantly about your boob size, I say it's fair to find other people interesting =) At least you didn't go up to her and say something!