Friday, June 20, 2008

Just Think Happy Thoughts

TGIF Mutha *Uckers! Whoo-hoo! Since it's been such a stressful week all-around....I thought I'd post about things that make me happy lately. You know, to show how well-rounded I am and all.
  • Pop Tarts - Yum! Strawberry, Raspberry and Smores - oh, my! For breakfast or a snack, the perfect meal at all times.

  • Warm Delights - Seriously, you guys need to try these.

  • ColdStone Creamery - Have you guys tried CHOCOLATE cake batter ice cream? Heaven!

  • Tivo - I have been recording old episodes of "What I Like About You" and "Gilmore Girls." Every night I come home, watch an episode and it makes me smile.

  • Baby onesies

  • Online sales

And now for more weekly onesies, brought to you by a sale at Baby Gap online!


amanda said...

you forgot to mention your sister! :) (you're forgiven)! i LOVE those onesies! so damn cute--my favorite is the "turtley awesome" one!

Beckers said...

I watched Babe tonight "on demand," and it made me smile. :)

Breezy said...

Um, you are tempting me with the ColdStone again! AND you have to remind me how much I miss DVR/TiVO...The onesies made me grin.

Namita said...

Hey! Glad to have found this... I'm going to enjoy reading it! I remember how funny you were to talk to in college, and reading this takes me back to those days (esp. since we haven't hung out since, although that's in the works to change, I hope).

Stacy said...

I got an email from Gap that "Turtley Awesome" was sold out. :(