Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Update

Happy belated Father's Day to all the daddies and daddies-to-be out there! We had a good Father's Day weekend here in the CLT...lots of cute onesies, fattening breakfast food, and some wedding dress shopping. An eventful weekend all in all.

My gorgeous sister found the most unique and beautiful wedding dress this weekend for her wedding next summer. I want to post pictures of the dress, but don't know if I'm allowed...since her fiance may possibly glance at this site every once in a blue moon. So, sis, let me know if I can post pics or not. It's such a pretty dress, I feel we should share!

Instead, here are fun onesies given to my wonderful husband. I went with a "things your dad loves, so you must love too" theme.

I must say, I am a very lucky person to have such wonderful men in my life - both my husband and my father. And I'm even more lucky that they will be the role models for my son. I love you both very much!

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Breezy said...

That made me teary...I know James is going to be a great dad. And I know you are soo excited that your child will have such a wonderful grandfather in your dad...he's such a special man!